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American Elements produces a full line of lithium bars in a wide variety of sizes, shapes and compositions to fit every application. From small, solitary lithium pills to large, bulky bars for use in high-end electronics, we have the metal you need at a price that makes sense.

Lithium (atomic number: 3) is a member of the alkali metals group and is a primary component of lithium-ion batteries. It is one of the lightest solid elements, with a density comparable to pine wood.

It has a low boiling point and is highly reactive; it is often used as an oxidizing agent in organic and synthetic compounds. It is a useful desiccant for gas streams and a hygroscopic salt that absorbs carbon dioxide from the air.

A lithium-rich brine lies beneath the vast Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. The area has been explored by scientists for decades, but only recently has a large mining operation opened.

The brine is extracted by pumping it into solar evaporation ponds. It is then transported to salt lakes where it is refined into high-grade lithium spodumene ore.

Some of the world’s largest deposits are found in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Western Australia. These deposits are formed by the occurrence of pegmatites, which are igneous rock formations composed of granitic materials like granite.

Although many of these deposits are rich in lithium, extraction has caused a number of environmental issues. The resulting lithium-brine can lower the water table in some locations, and the evaporation ponds that litter the landscape are dangerous for wildlife. Moreover, large-scale extraction can damage the unique salar ecosystem.