Characterisation of Ferrous Chloride

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ferrous chloride is a compound that has many applications including water treatment, sewage treatment and metal surface treatment. It is also used in laboratory research and in the production of ink and pigments.

Structural and morphological characterisation was performed by X-ray diffraction (XRD), scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and Mossbauer spectroscopy as well as a photoluminescence study. The obtained crystals were compared to a reference sample, and the effect of aging on their structural properties was also assessed.

Aged samples displayed a change in the colour from light green to more yellowish ones, which occurred after a few days. A gradual reduction in the crystal size was also observed after aging the samples for months.

The results from the XRD, SEM and u-Raman spectra indicate that FeCl2*4H2O phase is present in both the fresh and the aged samples. Interestingly, the bigger crystals do not show degradation in the same way as the smaller ones even when left in ambient conditions for an extended period of time.