Characterization and Dispersion of Antimony Tin Oxide Nanopowder

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Antimony Tin Oxide – What’s it all about?

An antimony tinoxide is an off-white or blue type of tin. This body is resistant to chemical, acid, alkali, light, organic solvent, non-oxidation and flame retardant. It also has good mechanical stability.

Micro Powder of Antimony Tin Oxide

The coating resin matrix has antimony tin dioxide, which was specially prepared as nano-ATO, which can be used to reflect infrared light, is more energy efficient than other conductive materials. It’s a product that coating, film, and glass companies have developed. .

ATO nanoconductive powder offers many advantages over conventional conductive fillers. ATO nano-powders should have the following characteristics: ATO powders need to have a small primary particle size and less aggregation.

Antimony Tin Oxide

It has exceptional optical and electrical characteristics. It is an excellent antistatic agent and widely used in the manufacture of coatings and chemical fibers. It excels in safety, activity resistance and thermoplasticity. It’s far more effective than antistatic materials like graphite and surfactants or metal powders. Additionally, its benefits in photoelectric displays devices, transparent electrodes and solar cells, as well as liquid crystal displays and catalysis, are also evident.

Antimony Tin Oxide

1. This is used for flat liquid-crystal display (LCD), electronic display light emitting (ELD), or electronic color display.
2. Transparent electrode for solar cells
3. It is used as a heat reflector. The curtain wall made of glass acts like a heat shield, and helps to save energy.
4. Use anti-fog glass to defrost and clear the windows of cars, trains, aircrafts and other vehicles.
5. This material can be used for shielding electromagnetic waves in areas such as computer rooms and radar shielding protection zones.
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