Commercial Nanoparticles

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commercial nanoparticles are a range of materials that are used in many products from food and clothing to sunscreen. They are also used in industrial and military applications.

For example, silica nanoparticles can be added to fabrics to make them repel water. This allows waterproof, stain-proof fabrics to be made for clothes. The use of nanoparticles in construction is also becoming more common.

Drug delivery

Nanoparticles can be embedded into polymers to deliver drugs to a target site. They can be used to encapsulate medications and help to prevent damage to healthy tissue. This is especially useful for delivering chemotherapy to cancer cells.

Medical imaging

Nanoparticles are widely used in medical imaging systems. They can produce images that are much clearer than those obtained using traditional MRI equipment (Figure 11). This is because nanoparticles absorb and scatter light differently.

The ability to use nanoparticles in medical imaging has allowed scientists to develop a wide range of new techniques, including x-ray and MRI contrast agents for detecting cancerous tumors and microscopic imaging of blood vessels (Figure 12).

Building technologies

Nanotechnology is used to create better construction materials. It can improve strength and tensile properties, as well as reduce energy consumption. This is important because the energy required to manufacture, transport and install building materials can be high.


Nanoparticles can be used to enhance the performance of existing construction materials by improving their mechanical and chemical properties, reducing their cost of production and ensuring their longevity. This can help to promote the development of green technologies in the industry, and also lead to a reduction in the environmental impact of building materials.