Copper 1 Arsenide Formula

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Copper/arsenic compounds are quite common and are used in everything from light emitting diodes to photo optics to solid state devices. Copper is a fairly common atom in a mineral called enargite. This particular oxymoron can be reduced to its elements in a few simple steps. The copper-arsenic sulfide is a good candidate for leaching with the aid of a bacterial agglomerate. Alternatively, a copper-arsenic-antimony concentrate may be produced by ferric oxidation at atmospheric pressure. A similar procedure can be applied to a more arduous copper/arsenic compound.

Copper arsenide is a crystalline solid. It is also a semiconductor. Using the correct chemistry and a good furnace it can be reduced to its component parts in a matter of days. Optical and pressure sensors are other viable applications for this enchanted substance. Sadly, it is not easy to get your hands on this gem due to its arsenic content. To make things even more challenging, the best places for mining copper are still in their infancy. Despite this, the metal is one of the oldest and most valuable minerals on the planet. Despite its many accolades it is no longer the leading commodity on the world stage. Hopefully it will be given the respect it deserves in the years to come.

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