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Fly-knit shoes

Fly-knit refers to the technology that vamp lines of yarn fabrics are designed through computer programming, and are then wove together with the whole vamp. With this technology, the design modes of all sneakers are changed, featuring lightness, fitting, and ventilation, and making it been widely used nowadays.

Fly-knit shoes-BEITE

To provide customers with novel and high-quality products, our company has specially set up a research and development team for the fly-knit upper, regularly learning the development and changes of the industry, market, and customers and collecting R & D data for market development. Also, the team is responsible for organizing the formulation of technical development management regulations and professional standards, supervising and assisting each other in their implementation, communicating with distributors continuously, to understand their requirements, and solving the problems related to production technologies and popular trends raised by distributors.