Formula Aluminum Nitride

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Aluminum nitride is an electrical insulator and is used in microelectronics. It can replace alumina (Al2O3) and beryllium oxide (BeO) in many applications.

Its high thermal conductivity accounts for its ability to act as a ceramic insulator. It is also an excellent heat sink. It is widely used in RF filters in mobile phones and has piezoelectric properties for developing small surface acoustic wave sensors.

Formulation: It is a covalently bonded material, and requires sintering aids like CaO or Y2O3 to produce a dense technical grade material. It has a hexagonal wurtzite crystal structure, and can be metastable to a cubic zincblende phase.

In addition to its electrical properties, AlN has high thermal conductivity that is above 170W/m – 1. K – 1. It is very useful in power electronics, as a substrate or housing in hybrid circuits and microwave tubes.

It is a good additive to improve the mechanical properties and thermal conductivity of polymer materials. It is also a good packaging material and heat dissipation material for large-scale integrated circuits, semiconductor module circuits and high-power devices.

Aluminum nitride is prepared by the reduction of alumina and carbon, or by direct nitriding of metallic aluminum. The process is simple, low cost, and can be used to make large quantities of aluminum nitride powder. Other methods include in-situ self-reaction synthesis, plasma chemical synthesis, and chemical vapor precipitation. These processes can produce a pure, uniform, fine, and stable aluminum nitride powder with a fine particle size, a small specific surface area, a good surface activity, and low loose density.