Introduction to Amorphous Boron Powder

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What’s Amorphous Powder

Amorphous Boron Pulp is an odorless brown powder. This is due to the random arrangement of its Boron atoms. It is black in colour and very hard. According to the 1979 international standard, the atomic weight for boron was 10.81. Its melting temperature is 2300 +-2 Fahrenheit:2550 . Specific gravity between 2.34 and 2.37

It is insoluble with water, hydrochloric Acid, ethanol, and the ether. However it can be dissolved in cold concentrated acid solution to decompose Hydrogen.

Boron is a rare metal-non-metal combination in the periodic tables. It exhibits strong negative electricity, small atomic radius and concentrated nuclear charge. Stable at room temperature; can be heated to 300F and burned at 700F; tasteless and odorless; non-metallic characteristics similar to silicon. Boron can interact at high temperatures with oxygen, nitrogen and sulfur; can be combined directly with many metals to make boride.

What does Boron Powder be used for?

Amorphous Boron’s chemical properties are more active than those of crystalline Boron. Crystalline Boron is so hard that it’s often used in place of diamond for cutting tools and drilling. Amorphous Boron powder is an important source of energy. Amorphous boron powder is a solid fuel for composite solid propellants. Its calorific values are more than twice those of carbon, aluminum, and magnesium. Its volumetric calorific worth is nearly three times that that of hydrocarbon fuel and it has a density that is just slightly less than that of aluminium. Boron should be the most non-metallic source of energy. Amorphous boron’s ignition temperature is significantly lower due to its irregular shape, large specific surface area, and low melting point.

Amorphous Boron Powder material could be used for (not only but also)

1.As an ideal solid fuel for composite solid propellant. The calorific worth of boron is nearly three times that of hydrocarbon fuels. It is slightly denser and has a lower volume calorific. Boron is the best nonmetallic fuel in terms of energy. Amorphous boron’s ignition temperature drops dramatically due to its irregular shape and large specific area.

2. To prevent metals’ oxidization at high temperatures

3.As part of an alloy to improve properties of metals.

You can use it as a compound, or as an additive to other alloys. It can be used in special alloy steel melting and smelting steel gas scavenger; electronic industry to ignite tube ignition agent; it is also an important raw material that is used to produce high purity boron-halide. Boron and its components can be used to replace precious and rare metals and as catalysts in organic chemical reaction.

Lanthanum bore, used in more then 20 military and high-tech industries, including radar, aerospace, electronic, industrial, instruments, home appliances, metallurgy and environmental protection.

Boride Ceramics is widely used in the areas metallurgy electronics medicine ceramics nuclear industry chemical industry. It has higher wear resistance and corrosion resistance.

Magnesium Dboride Powder,MgB2 superconductor is the most critical temperature. Its superconducting threshold temperature is 39K. -234 . Magnesium Diboride, a new superconducting metal, opens up new ways to study a new class of high-temperature semiconductors.

price of amorphous Boron powder

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