Iridium Black

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iridium black is a high-contrast, glare-blocking lens that is perfect for bluebird days skiing, biking, running, or exploring. It delivers peak performance in sunny conditions with bright to extremely bright light, adding a sleek, modern look to any frame.

Iridium lenses are the predecessors to Oakley’s Prizm lenses, which are a modernized and more technologically advanced version of Iridium technology. If you have a pair of sunglasses with Iridium lenses, consider swapping them out for Prizm lenses to enjoy a superior level of performance.

Black Iridium vs Warm Grey Sunglass Lenses

These two color lenses are similar in their glare-blocking abilities; however, the main difference is that Black Iridium blocks light better in the brighter end of the spectrum, whereas Warm Grey is good for not so bright conditions and can help reduce eye strain during long daytime rides on the road.

Black Iridium is the most popular of all Oakley Iridium lenses, and for good reason. It offers a neutral, gray base lens with a mirrored finish that eliminates 90% of ambient light and blocks 100% of UVA, UVB, and UVC rays.

Tungsten Iridium is another color option that works great in flat, filtered light to improve visual acuity and depth perception. Compared to Jade Iridium, Tungsten offers better colors and contrast in more filtered light.

24K Iridium combines the benefits of both yellow and brown tints for better optics, especially in low-light conditions. It’s also polarized for cutting glare from water surfaces, making it perfect for fishing or snow sports.