Lithium Metal Powder

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lithium metal powder can be produced by a number of different methods. These include spraying the molten lithium metal through an atomizer nozzle to produce droplets, fluorination of the droplets, or by introducing a suitable dispersant (e.g., oleic acid) to the lithium metal powder.

Stabilized lithium metal powder is stable with a wide range of solvents. It can be used alone or in combination with a suitable dispersant, such as oleic acid, sodium oleate, lithium oleate, linseed oil, CO2, N2, NH3, telura oil, stearic acid, oxalic acid, tanic acid, and/or CO.

SLMP is a dry, passivated lithium metal powder which has the ability to improve the performance of batteries that use it as a metallic anode. It can reduce sulfidation in anodes and improve a battery’s charge rate.

In addition, SLMP can be used to prevent dendrite formation during recharging. This can result in improved energy storage capacity and reduced power consumption.

SLMP can be applied to graphite, molybdenum disulfide or hard carbon in the anode of a battery. The lithium can be deposited on the graphite as a metallic powder, or as a surface layer with the metal stabilized by a thin coating of LiF. This is a very efficient method to deposit Li on the anode, and is a great solution for reducing the cost of battery production. Moreover, SLMP can be used to make a powdered anode for a lithium-ion battery, which is easier to transport and handle than a liquid anode.