Lithium stearate is used as a high-temperature lubricant.

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What exactly is lithium-stearate? It’s also known by the name lithium octadecate. This white powdery compound is stable at low temperatures and high pressure. Water and ethanol are slightly more solubiles than stearate. Ethanol solubility in water is 0.04g/100ml. Stearic acid and the related lithium salts are formed from strong acids. They are insoluble when ethyl alcohol, mineral oil. They are formed in mineral oil as colloids.

Specifications of lithium Stearate

1.Avoidance of solid additives and curing.

2. Extreme pressure resistance and high bearing capacities can help reduce wear over the long term.

3. High oxidation stability, resistance to rust, water and low temperature fluidity.

4. This product has a longer service life than other similar products and can last for up to three times as long.

The preparation method for lithium-stearate

10g of stearic Acid was dispersed in 100mL 95%ethanol. Next, it was titrated in 0.5mol/L lithium hydroxylide ethanol solution. (If lithium hydroxide isn’t completely soluble in the ethanol, you can add water to make it so). Phenolphthalein was used to indicate. Once the reaction had reached an equivalent level, the precipitated sodium stearate soot was removed and filtered. You can make a purified product by adding 95% of ethanol to the crude product.

As a high temperature lubricant, lithium stearate can be used.

This grease can be used for multipurpose purposes, including equipment operating at high temperatures, medium speed and heavy loads.

Other uses of lithium-stearate

You can use lithium stearate as a heat stabilizer to protect transparent products. This product has excellent transparency and doesn’t leave behind a white cloud when combined with a plasticizer made from phthalic acid. Lithium Stearate has a lower melting point than most other stearates. It also melts easily in ketones so that it is less affected by the embodying process. The non-toxic alternative to barium soap or lead soap is lithium stearate. The phosphatidic acid polymerizers can be mixed with lithium stearate. You can use lithium stearate as an external oil lubricant for nylon, hard polyvinylchide, and phenolic resin (maximum dose 0.6). Additionally, lithium stearate has the ability to be used for anti-seepage and waterproof constructions.

Lithium stearate price

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Supplier of lithium stearate

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