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You may not realize it but your life revolves around ceramics. From the ceramic-based electronic components in your computer to the high-end TV you watch, ceramics are a part of your daily routine.

They’re everywhere, and they’ve come a long way in the past years. While once used in just a few industries, ceramics are now in almost every business in one form or another, and their value continues to grow.

max ceramics, LLC manufactures a wide range of technical ceramic products for heat-, electrical-, abrasion-, corrosion- and wear-resistant applications. Materials include zirconia, alumina, silica, quartz, magnesia, graphite, silicon carbide and their combinations. The company applies advanced technology to manufacture these products, and the resulting products are widely used in demanding industries like semiconductor, mechanical, electric and aerospace.

Besides offering an extensive range of technical ceramic products, we also specialize in custom end use products and powder formulations for your specific application. Our manufacturing expertise and superior craftsmanship allow us to produce custom-shaped, precision ground hard ceramics with an exceptionally fast turnaround.

Our patented technology provides improved strength, resilience and hardness. Our products are designed to withstand extreme conditions, and we’re committed to delivering exceptional performance for our customers.

Bibi Kriek, a well-known ceramist from the Netherlands, has been working on her series of “Vogels varen, vissen vliegen” (birds fly, birds flies) since 2009. She is inspired by M. C. Escher’s illustration of the interplay of soaring birds and fish as well as a poem by her friend Lucebert: Vogels varen, vissen pfeifen (“Angler of Ma Yuan”). The piece is based on a coil of stoneware clay. It was sprayed with white porcelain slip and fired in an electric kiln to 1220degC.