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BEITE Vs Yeezy, Who is the Best-knit Shoes

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Many people don't know about 3d knitted shoes, but they often even look down and see that it is on their feet. One of the representative brands of 3d knitted shoes is Yeezy. It is a personal trend brand launched by super hot rapper Kanye West. The sneakers knit launched in collaboration with Adidas has become famous throughout the fashion circle, and it has always been hot. This product includes a lot of sneakers, but why are sneakers knit not looking so good and still selling so much? Its design materials are unusual.

BEITE Vs Yeezy, Who is the Best-knit Shoes

3d knitted shoes are different from other shoes, and the general shape design will have some more eye-catching highlights. Still, others' 3d knitted shoes are mainly simple; the sole and upper are very simple as a whole, an integrated shoe upper knitting machine Foam midsole, pure transparent rubber as the outsole, to the greatest extent retain the cushioning resilience, making shoes feel more light and comfortable. It seems that the design is quite simple, but the materials and technology are quite careful. The entire upper is one-piece and is accurately controlled by a mathematical computer, and the complete accuracy is guaranteed to a certain extent. The most prominent feature of this shoe is that the one-piece upper is and crudely matched with the sole, which is mainly comfortable, lightweight, and durable.

However, in terms of appearance, this shoe is not good-looking, but many have Kanye West's unique charm, and it has a huge fan base. Besides, the pumps are limited to sell and Adi's brand influence, this The boots have always been explosive, not only foreign fire but also many domestic stars have a pair of hands, net red used to dress with a concave shape, can not lack this shoe. Why do so many stars love it? It is worth mentioning that it is convenient to wear, the design of the shoe is relatively full, and the upper is also low in price. Whether it is paired with small pants or shorts, it can give a visually slender feel.

It is precise because of the domestic and foreign boom that the price of Yeezy shoes has continued to rise. Yeezy shoes have been simplified from last year to this year, and the popularity has been high. They have become synonymous with fashion and style in the fashion industry. Comfort and simplicity and the influence of big names have It runs through the summer. Some people say that they admire the shape and appearance of Yeezy shoes. They always feel strange, but they look very pleasing to the eye. After buying them, they feel particularly comfortable. The sales of Yeezy shoes have been like this. Rise, prices are getting higher and higher.

BEITE Vs Yeezy, Who is the Best-knit Shoes

BEITE owns a 3D fly-knit factory with a total area of about 10,000 square meters and is equipped with more than 500 world-leading fly-knit machines. We develop more shoes with knitted uppers, suitable for men, women, and children. Our knitting shoes for ladies and knitted boots pattern are trendy in the Chinese market.

BEITE 3d knitted shoes have all the advantages of Yeezy shoes, but also more diverse than Yeezy shoes, suitable for more people. BEITE's goal is to produce best-knit shoes!

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