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BEITE shares some tips on shoe wholesale and hopes to help you

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More and more people are doing shoe business, so what experience and skills should be mastered when novices go to the market to wholesale shoes or buy shoes directly from manufacturers? Is it more styles for a small amount, or fewer styles and more stocks? BEITE has compiled some related information and hopes it will help you.

BEITE shares some tips on shoe wholesale and hopes to help you
1. Novice case
If you are a novice to purchase, you must keep in mind less stock, but more styles. In the case of many wholesale ladies' shoes, the variety should be full. For example, if it is winter, boots, medium boots, high boots, low boots, and over-the-knee boots are all needed. There is also a flat and low heel. The middle heel can be more advanced (in my experience), the high heel can be advanced a little. Customers have more choices and more choices. Novices should never try to get the entire set of codes because you have not reached the point where you can know which products are needed in the market and which products must be sold well, so novices can take the codes staggered, for example, if the same style is available two colors: black and brown. We do not need to get a set when we purchase, you can take 5, 6, 7 black and 6, 7, 8 brown, so you have all the necessary codes of this style, and they are on sale In the process if a customer likes the black eight size, but you don't have it, the first talk about how this style is sold. The format is sold out. Then you can encourage her to buy brown, say some different brown style and so on. If the customer still likes black, you can ask her to make a reservation and tell her that we are going to buy it. If you want black, you will bring it together. In this way, if the customer wants this style, she will be determined, of course, to let her pay a deposit when booking.
2. There must be more styles
The new store opening must give customers a feeling of variety and variety. I saw some stores open and sparsely put a few methods on the shelves. Most of the customers went in to view the lively. Of course, when they saw no shoes, the first impression was not good. The first shot did not start. The future business can be imagined.
This method first avoids the trouble of excessive inventory of novices, and the initial investment will be relatively reduced. It can be more flexible in identifying which goods are good to sell and need to be replaced. cheap flat shoes
3. Make the style as popular as possible
As a novice, when choosing goods, don't pick some very fancy techniques, try to choose some popular models, because this style will accept more people, slightly enter a short form that you think is very good, and often insert it in it. Play the finishing touch. boutique shoes wholesale
3. wholesale fashion shoes
Please take a closer look at how I looked at the quality of the boots when I mentioned the goods before. If you buy a few more times, you will know that the market shoes are of good quality. The quality of those shoes is not good. All are good for long-term cooperation so that replacement and replenishment orders are more convenient to ship, and friends can give you a little discount for a long time. wholesale fashion shoes
5. The return and exchange should be timely. Women's wholesale shoe distributors are best to purchase the goods once a week. You can replace the right sales, replace the wholesalers in time, and can give customers a feeling that this store is excellent. There are new arrivals this week. Don't be afraid of trouble, it will be a bit hard at first, but this will pave the way for the business in the store in the future, and it will be better to have an excellent circular business.e vacuum carburizing heat treatment.
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