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Buy shoes online, some shoes cannot be selected

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The weather is getting hotter and people's first requirement for shoes is no longer to keep warm. The shoes should not only be comfortable but also beautiful, they can also be paired with suitable pants or skirts. With the popularity of online shopping, more and more people will immediately think: "I want to buy shoes online". To buy shoes online is much more convenient than going to the store to buy shoes. Sale shoes online shopping has received more and more welcome from housewives. I collected some information about summer shoes online and female sneakers online, I hope it will be helpful for you to buy shoes online.

Buy shoes online, some shoes cannot be selected

These days brush micro-blog, always can see some beautiful hot search!

For example, today's "height cube shoes," "instant noodle heels" and "sushi sneakers," and finally, the most affordable, minimalist "king heels," which I hear only smart people can see! I also checked several times to make sure that the shoe only had the back half. I thought it could alone walk on the smooth floor, and it was ok to take photos at home. If you walk out the door, I expect your feet will go through a lot of "pain." Can you appreciate these fashion items?

I appreciate at present not to come; perhaps oneself top foot is to wear not quite accustomed to, after all the idea of stylist and we are specific different, so today still come to recommend with you a few simple and the shoe that wears!

If you belong to the apple model figure, namely leg condition is a better sister, do not prevent to enter a pair of socks of the hottest season boots! The elastic fabric makes it comfortable and does not wear feet. It is also the necessary shoes for celebrity bloggers in autumn and winter.

It features a stretchy fabric that wraps around your ankles for better alignment with your calves, not only solving the problem of freezing your ankles in winter, but also showing off your perfect leg line. But, See here if you don't open treasure first, because this sock boot looks like very good-looking, very pick leg actually of! Above all, your crus affirmation cannot thick; otherwise, go out to the street very quickly to raise "turn head rate"!

Buy shoes online, some shoes cannot be selected

Next, you choose the length of sock boot had better be to ankle left and right sides, can wrap the thinnest part of a leg, come so even if wear wide-leg pants also can have the vision that shows leg is weak.

When it comes to pants, the length of the pants should also be taken care of. Do not choose pants that cover your ankles, because they are designed to highlight your thin legs from the ankles, but you include them? You might as well wear a pair of leather shoes.

When I didn't understand my father's shoes, I thought they were ugly, but now I think they look excellent. "Clunky Sneaker" is also called "Dad Shoes," which is characterized by complicated design and orderly sense of hierarchy. To put it bluntly, it is what parents call "travel Shoes" because they look like the kind of Shoes that Dad would wear.

In recent years, it has been praised by a lot of people. I think the main reason is that it not only goes with everything but also has its leg lift ratio. Although look very heavy, but no matter tall short fat thin, it is applicable!

If you're struggling with a color scheme, go for the classic white pair first!

Or plain white with a little light.

No matter use trench coat + old daddy shoes, suit + old daddy shoes or long skirt + old daddy shoes, can deduce the street style that gives you extraordinary, pull wind to have a tone all the more!

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