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Fly-knit Technology Set off a Fashion Trend in the Shoe Industry

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With the advent of fly-knit shoes of various brands, fly-knit technology has set off a fashion trend in the shoe industry. Fly-knit shoes are popular in fitness sports circles with breathability and comfort, especially in the summer season. Compared with traditional sports shoes, they give people a more comfortable feeling and are popular.

Fly-knit Technology Set off a Fashion Trend in the Shoe Industry

The fly-knit shoe upper is a single layer shoe surface that is almost completely seamless, using 3D integrated molding technology, using yarns of various colors as raw materials, and adopting a new weaving process. This upper has many advantages, such as portability, fit and breathability. Fly-knit technology has received more and more attention from people in the industry. Fly-knit runners shoes are being chosen by more and more people.

The fly-knit upper has great breathability, lightness and fit. The 3D three-dimensional upper is pre-programmed by the computer and then knitted integrally, which greatly reduces the various processes of the upper and directly forms with the sole. Noodles, but the entire inner production method of sports shoes.

The running shoes with fly-knit uppers have all the characteristics of the above running shoes types, which are more lightweight, breathable and comfortable, and fit more closely to the feet after wearing, making the feet more comfortable and sporty. This is the reason why light running shoes will develop in the direction of flying woven upper technology. nike fly-knit colorful even makes more women fall in love with sports.

Fly-knit Technology Set off a Fashion Trend in the Shoe Industry

What material is fly-knit fabric? fly-knit fabric is a commonly used upper fabric. In fact, flying woven here does not refer to the fabric material, but the fabric weaving process, so fly-knit is a craft word. So what is the history of the fly-knit process?

What is fly-knit fabric? Is the upper of sports shoes processed by fly-knit technology, so flying woven fabric is a special upper fabric. The fly-knit shoes produced by BEITE use hundreds of different fabrics. In the first quarter of 2020, BEITE launched fly-knit blue shoes, grey fly-knit shoes and rainbow fly-knit shoes, the market sales performance is very good!

What material is fly-knit fabric? Compared with ordinary fabric, what are its advantages?

Fly-knit fabric is a kind of upper fabric. Most of the textile materials used in sports shoes used in the Olympic Games are chemical fiber, and mainly blended fabrics. The blended fabrics here mainly refer to the fabric composition is not single, there are polyester, Spandex and cotton yarn are possible. BEITE hopes to produce more free run fly-knit shoes!

Fly-knit Technology Set off a Fashion Trend in the Shoe Industry

However, I think that most of the fly-knit uppers should be polyester-based. A small amount of spandex will be added to improve the overall stretchability of the upper and make the upper more comfortable.

What are the advantages of fly-knit uppers compared to ordinary uppers?

1. Knitted with polyester fiber and other materials, does not require stitch sewing, no friction zone, light and breathable;

2. Compared with the punching and accessories needed for the leather upper, the horizontal knitted knitted upper uses a special lighter yarn as a material, which is formed at one time without sewing, reducing the waste of materials;

3. Flying woven upper sneakers form a whole piece from toes to ankles, which can effectively fit the entire foot surface; according to the different parts of the shoe, it can be supplemented with different knitting density to ensure that the upper has good breathability and flexibility.

The method of cleaning fly-knit shoes can affect its comfort and lifespan

Choose hand washing to clean shoes

1. Wash away the floating dust inside and outside the net surface with clean water.

2. Mix the detergent with warm water and soak the shoes for 10 minutes.

3. Squeeze the shoes by hand, especially dirty places, gently brush with a soft brush, and finally wash with clean water. In order to prevent washing liquid residue, you can use a sponge or towel to absorb moisture.

4. Use toilet paper to wrap up the shoes and let them dry naturally in a ventilated place.

Choose a cool and ventilated place when drying. Never expose to sunlight. Exposure easily makes shoes hard and the elasticity of flying fabrics weakens.

Choose dry cleaning to clean shoes

The fly-knit upper is soft and has many gaps, which is very troublesome to clean. A little carelessness may cause the upper to fluff or break. Therefore, the handicapped party also has benefits-shoe washing agent. Fly-knit shoe washing agents generally have two types of "foam" and "spray". If it is foam, please pay attention to press the foam on the shoe surface, you can gently rub it with your hand, or you can gently brush it with a soft brush, and finally wipe the foam directly with a towel. Regardless of whether it is foam or spray, after using the shoe wash, you do n’t need to rinse it with water, just dry the foam with a towel. Very effective against ordinary dirt! If the shoes are too dirty, this dry cleaning method is not effective. Therefore, you should always pay attention to the protection and maintenance of shoes, change the wash frequently, do not wait until it is too dirty to wash again.

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