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Global Sports Shoes Industry Market Status and Development Trend Analysis

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Global sports shoes are developing well

The birth of modern sports shoes can be traced back to 1861, and its logo is that vulcanized rubber technology is used in shoemaking. The first pair of vulcanized rubber as flat soles is tennis sports shoes. From the 1950s to the 1960s, leather uppers and rubber-soled shoes appeared and then evolved into the structural method of nylon mesh uppers with EVA substrates in the 1970s. In the 1980s, various functional devices were emphasized in the midsole. After the 1990s, sports shoes began to use various shoe materials and structural design methods and developed in the direction of customization.

The continuous improvement and perfection of sports shoe products have made it popular in the world, and the global sports shoe industry has ushered in unprecedented development opportunities. According to Statistic data, in 2016, the global sports shoes market size reached 112.638 billion US dollars, an increase of 12.88% year-on-year, much higher than the growth rate of the sports shoes and apparel market in the same period; 2018 is expected to be about 121.3 billion US dollars.

By region, the leading consumer markets for global sports shoe products are currently concentrated in two types of areas, one is economically developed countries and areas, such as the United States, the European Union, Japan, and Canada, and the other is countries and areas with large populations. Such as China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, etc. According to Euromonitor data, in 2017, the United States, China, and Japan ranked the top three in terms of sales of sports shoes and apparel, reaching 36.0%, 10.5%, and 4.5%, respectively.

Among the countries mentioned above, China, India, Brazil, Indonesia, and other countries have large populations and have substantial consumer markets for sports shoes. Taking China as an example, with the national sports fitness being included in the national strategy, the awakening of public health awareness, and the improvement of sports supporting facilities, the sales of sports shoes have been rising, and the market size in 2017 has exceeded 100 billion yuan. With the economic development of these countries, people's living standards continue to increase, consumption power and awareness continue to grow, the growth of sports shoe product consumer market is vast, these countries will be the world's most potential market for sports shoes product consumption.

However, these countries also have a large number of sports shoe companies, and their products can meet most domestic needs, and there is not much demand for external products. Among them, China is the world's largest producer and exporter of sports shoes. In 2017, the national sports shoe output exceeded 1 billion pairs; in recent years, the export of sports shoes accounted for more than half of the global shipping; India and India are the second largest after China There are about 400 shoemaking and related companies in the significant sports shoes producing countries, but the output of SMEs accounts for about 60% to 65% of the total production of sports shoes in India; Brazil is the world's third-largest producer of sports shoes and currently has shoes More than 700 companies.

The online purchase of sports shoes becomes a trend

Sports shoes retail online

If you want to get the best deals on sports shoes, you must look for them on various e-commerce platforms. All sports shoe store has started its own sales business online. All sports shoes prices can be found on the Internet. On the Internet, you can not only get the branded sports shoes offer but also find the latest news about the latest branded sports shoes. Running shoes for men offers such information can help many people find their shoes. White sports shoes online are information that people often search for.

Sports shoes wholesale online

Best sports shoes online are not just retail, but many sports shoes wholesale information is also available on the Internet. Sports shoe cost is different in various countries around the world, mainly determined by the production industry and labor costs. The information posted by sports shoes wholesalers on the Internet has stimulated more sports shoes purchases.

BEITE mainly produces sports shoes for men and women, casual shoes, fashion shoes, children's and baby shoes, etc. Thousands of patterns and modern Western elements distinguish BEITE's products from the personality and fashion of others. BEITE's products cater to the aesthetics of global consumers and attract guests from all over the world. Currently, BEITE has customers in Africa, South America, Southeast Asia, Asia, and other regions.

Global sports shoe brands return to specialization

According to the current development status, the global sports shoe industry will show the following trends in the future: First, the brand will return to specialization, and there will be more development opportunities in the subdivided fields. In the global wave of sports, consumers are increasingly favoring professional sports equipment, and the subdivision of sports fields to become an expert brand will become one of the main trends in the industry.

Secondly, customizing shoes through 3D printing. Another major trend affecting the global stadium sports shoes and overall sports shoes market is that suppliers use 3D printing technology to customize sneakers. Some brands have used this technology to manufacture outsoles based on digital models of athletes' feet. BEITE has adopted a 3D printing system to make custom sneaker midsoles to provide a very comfortable wearing experience.

Finally, as a global sports shoe supplier, BEITE will actively explore the design and production technology of different shoes to meet consumers' demand for better and more sustainable shoes. Advances in shoemaking technology have allowed suppliers to focus on consumers' secondary needs, such as comfort, style, and performance enhancement. BEITE foam bottom running shoes are designed to be highly elastic.

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