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High Heels and Flat Shoes: Which is More Suitable for Women? Regardless of Height and Face Value

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A beautiful life begins with beauty, taking a small step in skincare every day, and taking a big step towards beauty. Women have an inexplicable habit of high heels, but many times they have to choose a pair of flat shoes for various reasons. Some women feel that they are too tall to wear high heels. Even if they like it, they don't wear the exquisite high heels in the window. Some women feel that they are too short and must wear high heels, even if their toes are blistered, they have not taken off.

How do you choose the shoes in your daily life? Are you wearing flat shoes because you are tall? Or wear high heels because of being short? Do you need pretty flat shoes and trendy flat shoes this summer? Women are suitable for high-heeled shoes or flat shoes, it has nothing to do with height and face value, only related to the following four points.

01. Women with thinner calves are more suitable for high heels, women with thicker calves are suitable for ladies flat dress shoes

Some women only look at their height when choosing shoes, and ignore their weight. If you are a fat man of 160 pounds, even though the height is only 150cm, then you will not be tall when you wear high heels, and it will seem that you want a short squat. If the wearer wears high-heeled shoes, the overall appearance will be uncoordinated, because high-heeled shoes are mostly small, and only women with thinner legs will have the effect of stretching the slender legs. Ladies flat casual shoes are very good choices.

If your calves are thick, choose a pair of comfortable flat shoes. This will not appear to be in disproportionate proportions, it will not make the legs tight, and it will be more comfortable to walk. Ladies' flat summer shoes produced by BEITE can be freely matched with skirts and pants. BEITEDE's other ladies' flat casual shoes are very suitable for women with easy calf muscles. If your calves are thinner, high heels are a better choice and can make you more beautiful.

02. Women with long legs are suitable for wearing cute flat shoes for women, women with short legs are suitable for high heels

The length of the legs reflects a person's length ratio. If the legs are relatively short, the upper body and the lower body seem to be about the same length, which is very unsightly. Although we all envy the nine-headed body of the model, even if we don't have the nine-headed body, the figure of five or five points is ugly. Both tall and short people may have this figure, so if your legs are relatively short, then high-heeled shoes will be more suitable for you because high-heeled shoes can increase the proportion of legs and perfectly modify the leg shape.

If your legs are relatively short, choose a pair of high heels. Only in this way can your figure look more beautiful.

03. Women with big feet are more suitable for high heels, women with small feet are suitable for anything

The size of the feet is almost independent of height. Some women have 39 feet of big feet even if they are short, sometimes women will be troubled by their big feet. A pair of suitable high-heeled shoes can visually use the slope to cover up the problem of big feet. When you wear high heels, you will feel that your feet are smaller in several sizes. So women with big feet are more suitable for high heels, and women with small feet will have a feeling that their feet are too small to stand on their feet. It is better to wear a pair of flat shoes. Soft flat shoes can make your feet feel more comfortable.

04. Women with good temperament are suitable for high heels, cute flat dress shoes can improve temperament

High heels are the icing on the cake for a woman. A woman with exquisite makeup and elegant clothes is very temperamental in itself. If you can step on a pair of high heels again, it is undoubtedly that the aura is fully opened, which is even more beautiful. So a woman with good temperament is more suitable for high heels, but if a woman wears casually, there are even some sloppy. So high heels are not suitable for her, and even have a feeling of stealing someone else's shoes.

BEITE flat shoes have a trendy silhouette, clever and playful styling, and moisture-wicking insoles. Welcome to visit the product page of our website, here provide more flat shoes online information. BEITE can help you find the cheap flat shoes for ladies that suit you.

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