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How men find the most comfortable casual shoes

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Men who don't know much about shoes, want to choose one of the best comfortable casual shoes among the dazzling shoes on the shelves, it is very headache—expecting those salespeople? They probably don't know much more than you, and their job is to take your money out of your pocket. Although some salespeople are also proficient in shoes, you have to meet a salesperson who is both knowledgeable and responsible. This possibility is too slight. So you still believe in your eyes and use a relatively objective standard to measure whether a pair of shoes is suitable for you. I write such an article; the purpose is to provide those men with such a reference, teach you how to buy mens casual shoes.

How men find the most comfortable casual shoes

First of all, before you go to the shoe store, you have to figure out what the purpose of the pair of shoes you are going to buy is. Or you will choose casual shoes online shopping this way. There are three ways to purchase shoes-sports, collection, and walking. We will not discuss the selection of shoes for the time being. And walking shoes are not very demanding for all aspects of performance, as long as they look fresh and dazzling. But as a pair of sports shoes, we should measure its performance from all perspectives.

How men find the most comfortable casual shoes


Cushioning is one of the most basic uses of a pair of sports shoes. Every time you jump and fall to the ground, your knees are under seven times more pressure than usual. You may be easily attracted by the appearance of shoes when facing a large number of shoes, but when you try shoes, don't forget to feel the softness of its soles. Sufficiently protected shoes are not suitable for you to play. You can decide to take a few steps when trying on shoes. If the bottom gives you a hard feeling, don't buy these shoes. Is that the softer, the better? Of course not. Because the protective nature of shoes is reflected in the fierce confrontation. If you usually feel too sweet when walking, how can it help you withstand multiple times the pressure during the game? So how to judge the moderate hardness of the shoes? As a novice, you can try a few more pairs of shoes to get a comparison, which pair is the best for you. By the way, cushioning is more critical for inside players, because they are always ready to jump-fall, go for every rebound, so they need more protection. And an outside player, if there is no injury, as long as there is essential protection.


The key to stability in the forefoot, that is, a flexible forefoot, is a guarantee for the shoe to start. The weight of the shoes also has a specific effect on the start. Insiders don't need to pay much attention to this standard, but you are a defender with excellent speed. When choosing shoes, be sure to select a pair of lightweight guard-only shoes.

Ground and ankle support

These two items are put together because they all involve the same aspect-the protection of the ankle. Ankle protection is to see if the upper can give adequate protection to the ankle. High-top shoes support ankle much better than low-top shoes. The material of the help should also be thick and soft, not too thin or too hard. Otherwise, it will easily cause lameness. Grounding refers to the height of the shoe upper from the ground. In theory, the farther your foot is from the ground, the higher the chance of stomping. However, land and ankle protection are double-edged swords. The soles are thin, and the height above the ground is low, but they may not provide proper cushioning, and the layer of protection for the ankle will limit it.

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