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How to choose casual shoes? Just look at these two points

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The shoes don't fit well, and you don't know them until you wear them, so it's essential to choose a pair of comfortable casual shoes. Nowadays, there are many types of shoes on the market. How to choose them is also bothering everyone. The following two points are enough.

How to choose casual shoes? Just look at these two points
 Choose according to the practical function of shoes
When choosing shoes, it is necessary to consider the essential functions of two aspects, namely practicality, and aesthetics. No matter which part is missing, it will significantly affect the usability of the shoes. The practical purpose is the premise of the existence of casual shoes, and aesthetics is an essential functional derivative of a pair of shoes. From the technical aspect, it is mainly divided into the following types:
1. Increase
The heightened shoes are not only for girls but also for many boys. After wearing the heightened shoes, the legs can be elongated, making the overall body ratio better, and it is also a big choice for many petite consumers.
2. Non-slip
When wearing shoes, there will be slippage, which is divided into two angles: longitudinal (front and rear) and lateral (left and right). After wearing non-slip shoes, you can effectively avoid the slippage in these two directions. If the friction of the sole is relatively large, you can prevent slipping, but it should be noted that if the conflict is too large, it will also affect the flexibility of the movement. It is easy to produce fatigue, so when choosing shoes, It is necessary to pay more attention to the fact that the anti-skid property cannot be too high, and it cannot appear to affect the comfort and safety of sports.
3. Wear-resistant
Wear resistance is also a problem we need to consider when buying casual shoes. The most important thing is to see whether the sole is comfortable to break, whether there will be cracks in the surface material used in the pump, and also consider the pump Is it comfortable to open the bottom?
How to choose casual shoes? Just look at these two points
Second, choose according to the style of shoes.
In addition to the functionality of the shoes, we also need to consider the style of the boots specifically. The versatile nature of casual shoes makes it possible to match most of the clothes well. Let's take a look at them below—which styles.
1. Board shoes
This style is a basic design of the original design, often using a compact and thick upper tongue design, the shoe's shading is also more ergonomic design, more lightweight on the shoe body, and at the same time, It will also be matched with various cushioning technologies, which has been loved by many consumers.
2. Canvas
Canvas shoes are very light and cheaper in price, so they are welcomed by many people, they will be softer on the soles, and the fabrics are more breathable fabrics, suitable for any significant amount of clothing Amount, whether it is casual wear, sportswear or formal wear can be matched.
3. Flying woven shoes
BEITE has launched a wide range of casual shoes, not only board shoes, canvas models, but also running shoes, etc., it is very comfortable to wear, has excellent slip resistance and wear resistance, and is designed according to ergonomics. In addition to paying attention to the functionality of shoes, it also pays great attention to the beauty of shoes, so that while many consumers enjoy a comfortable wearing experience, they can also enjoy the beauty and make consumers fully feel the cool shoes Come for fun.
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