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How to prevent shoes from bringing viruses home?

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Is there a virus on the ground? Will I step on the virus and take it home? Should shoes be disinfected? Dr. Chen of Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Disinfection and Vector Control said so, hoping to bring you useful suggestions. Listen to Dr. Chen's opinion at the Wuhan Center for Disease Control and Disinfection and Vector Control:

How to prevent shoes from bringing viruses home

Q: Is there a virus on the ground?
Dr. Chen: As far as the research is concerned, the virus is mainly transmitted by droplets or contact. Droplets do not float in the air for a long time, so there is no virus in the air. Droplets settle on surfaces or contaminate surfaces we touch, such as doorknobs and elevator buttons, by sticking to the hands of viruses. So we should wash our hands often, as soon as we get home.
Droplet settlement to the ground, the ground may also be contaminated with the virus, but the amount of infection is minimal. At present, public places in Wuhan have little flow of people. As long as they are not crowded, they should be safe. The probability that one of the diagnosed patients sneezes, the virus flies through the air and falls on the ground, and you stomp it home is not to say no, but it's very low.
Q: As a professional disinfectant, what do you do with shoes?
Dr. Chen: as a professional sterilizer, we mainly go to the foci for disinfection. We will wear special rubber boots, will come out of the rubber boots after spraying disinfectant installed separately, and then in the pollution-free area to change their shoes. If we didn't have rubber boots, we would have put on disposable shoe covers, come out and throw them in medical garbage bags. To the community, supermarkets, and other general public disinfection, we often wear their shoe .
Q: How do you handle yourself if you're worried about bringing the virus home?
Dr. Chen: as long as it is not to go to the foci, the chance of stepping on the virus home is minimal. If you are anxious that you may even get heart disease, you can also make your disinfection mat in front of your home. Find a size-appropriate plastic foot basin, put a piece of folded cloth, 84 disinfectant according to the instructions to add water to make up disinfectant water, pour into the soaked fabric. Return to the door to the shoes in the disinfection mat more tread, then change clean slippers in the door, will step on the shoe side of the disinfectant water on the side, let the disinfectant water continue to play a role.
Q: Are you in the habit of disinfecting your shoes at home?
Dr. Chen: no. As I said before, we don't want our shoes to be contaminated when we go to the foci. Come back from a general public place, also feel not that necessary. Ordinary citizens, because of access to some public areas to explore worried, to their shoe disinfection is also ok. But at present, the best way to prevent the virus or, as little as possible, do not go out. If be calorific outpatient service and calorific ward, general medical personnel can wear shoe cover, should not exist the problem of shoe disinfection so. Coming home from work, he sprays the surface and soles of his shoes with 75% alcohol before entering. Another way is to spray 84 disinfectant, or hydrogen peroxide disinfectant, on a doormat. Tread on that doormat, rub the soles of your shoes, then sprinkle the uppers with alcohol to disinfect them, and then change into slippers.
In times of emergency, we manage shoes at home like this:
1. Distinguish between inside and outside shoes. It is best to fix a pair of shoes for going out.
2. Put a small bottle of alcohol at the door, and spray the boots before you take them off at the door.
3. At the entrance, it is suggested to partition the inside and outside shoes not to step, outdoor shoes not to enter the door;
4. If the shoes have mud on rainy days, you can spray with alcohol and then wipe the dirt with disinfectant wipes. After washing, you must wash your hands carefully and do good hand hygiene.

How to prevent shoes from bringing viruses home

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