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How to wash sports shoes, precautions for washing sports shoes

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With the acceleration of the pace of life now, people have more work, and physical energy consumption is relatively large. The body will feel tired after a long time. At this time, it is necessary to strengthen exercise. Some people like to go for a run after work or in the morning to exercise, and running efficiently makes your feet sweat, and outdoor dust is also natural to soil your sports shoes, so you need to clean it from time to time. If you follow the sports shoe website, you will find that they only introduce shoes and not how to clean them. Now Beite tells you how to wash the sneakers to get them clean. BEITE not only produces comfortable shoes with high quality and low price but also makes a lot of efforts for sports shoes offers online. Please leave us a message on the homepage to get the sports shoe price list. We will also help you answer how to buy womens running shoes.

How to wash sports shoes, precautions for washing sports shoes

First of all, we need to put the shoes in a basin, and set about two-thirds of the water in the pool, so that the shoes are entirely immersed in the water and let it soak. It should be noted that the temperature of the water used to wash shoes must not be higher than 45 degrees Celsius. Otherwise, it is easy to cause damage to the boots. For shoes with a mesh outside, you can add some washing powder to the water. Make sure you don't keep your shoes soaking in the water, or throw them in a basin-like soaking dirty clothes and leave them alone. Wait for half a day before you wash them. If you do this, it will make your shoes easy to open.

Then it's time to wash the soles. This step is relatively easy. Use a shoe brush to brush the soap first and then the feet. If there are any small stones stuck in the rubber seams on the feet, you can pick them with a toothpick. Come out and wash.

It is recommended to use a used toothbrush when washing the upper and inside the shoes, but do not use the kind that is too old to curl up the hair. You can also buy a cheap soft toothbrush to brush the shoes. Of course, use a shoe brush It's also possible, but it's okay if it's professional track and field shoes, there is no problem with the shoe brush, but if you usually run shoes, it will hurt the net too much. Use a soft toothbrush to brush a little soap on it, and then brush the mesh surface. The shoes can also be cleaned inside. It should be noted that the shoelaces must be removed before washing the shoes, and the laces can be rubbed with soap. Now, remember to use the tongue to make sure that everything is clean.

How to wash sports shoes, precautions for washing sports shoes

Repeat the cleaning of the shoes one or two times in this way, and then drain the dirty water after brushing the boots and replace them with clean water. This time, you don't need to use soap, just use a toothbrush to clean the shoes. For the skin part, we can only wash it with water. Do not add any detergent. Otherwise, it will cause yellowing and cracking of the skin, and we must not contact organic reagents and oil solutions.

After washing, you need to spin off the water in the shoes. The spin-drying here is not for you to dry in the washing machine. You can squeeze some water from the front and back of the shoes with a lot of sponges. Then grab the remaining part in the middle, pay attention to the direction of the heel in front, the toe facing behind, and then pick up your arm and shake it back and forth a few times, of course, the more you stir, the better.

The last thing is to dry; we can use shoelaces to put a few holes casually, then tie the shoes to a clothes rack, and hang them like clothes drying in a place that can be ventilated but not exposed to the sun. It should be noted that when drying, you should not be disclosed to the sun, and you can't wipe it with heating or open flames, because this will make your shoes hard and yellow.

The above is the method and precautions for washing shoes; I hope it can be helpful to you.

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