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Some Necessary Knowledge about BEITE Casual Shoes

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Leisure shoes are a kind of shoes; the main feature is to meet the needs of people's daily life with a simple and comfortable design concept. The concept, connotation, and function of leisure shoes are closely related to this new life ideal and way. People use the shape, brand, and implication of leisure shoes to decorate themselves and show themselves, to obtain a kind of aesthetic pleasure and symbolic spiritual satisfaction.Love leisure shoes are a healthy fashion, and comfortable leisure shoes are becoming more and more popular. BEITE leisure shoe company can provide you more leisure shoes online.

Some Necessary Knowledge about BEITE Casual Shoes

Generally speaking, if you go to the seaside or visit the places of interest on the flat land, you can choose to wear sports sandals or leisure shoes; if you go to the mountain area, mainly for mountain climbing, rock climbing or field exploration, you'd better choose sports and leisure shoes with large sole particles, secure grip, antiskid, and wear-resistant. Comfort is the first factor, followed by anti-seismic + grip + antiskid + warmth. Generally speaking, if you go to the tropics or islands, you can choose to wear sports sandals or leisure shoes when you are mainly engaged in water activities and land visits; if you go to the metropolitan area, you can choose to wear general flat bottomed leisure shoes when you are mainly interested in visiting or shopping; if you go to the mountains, you can select the boots with large soles and secure grip when you are primarily engaged in outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, running or jungle exploration, antiskid and wear-resistant sports and leisure shoes are preferred. To reduce the impact between foot and ground when walking, the key lies in the design of the sole. In terms of "shock absorption function," thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than thin leather-soled shoes. If the shock resistance of shoes is not excellent, it is easy to cause foot discomfort and pain.

On the other hand, professional, casual shoes also have air cushion design to reduce the impact effectively. The one-piece molding design in line with human body mechanics can make the footboard completely relaxed; even if you travel a long distance, you don't feel tired. It is suggested that you should compare more when you purchase. The most important thing is to try it on and let your footboard score by itself.

Some Necessary Knowledge about BEITE Casual Shoes

Wearing methods of various activities: A. shopping: general clothing + casual shoes B. outing: windproof coat + multi-functional outdoor sports shoes or casual sandals C. snow: snow coat + waterproof boots or snow boots D. jungle and swamp: waterproof coat + sports sandals or sailboat shoes E. rock climbing and fishing: windproof back heart + multi-functional outdoor sports shoes F. selection principles: lightweight, falling resistance and complete accessories.

Spring and summer have always been a white world, sports, and retro style, but also the white respected to a very high position. All brands have launched white wave shoes, leather shoes, leisure sports shoes, and other designs. Although there are milk-white, gray-white, gray-white, and different colors, it is mainly positive white. Leisure sports shoes launched a variety of "dazzle" color series, such as purplish red, grass green, goose yellow, and so on. Nike's Valentine's edition is red, with a rose painted on the heel. But the most dazzling color is gold. Pure gold running shoes are familiar to sports fans. Like Nike, they have been elaborately made for Michael Johnson and Liu Xiang. The whole pair of shoes is like a gold saint fighter in gold armor, with a king's style. Puma, which has always been taking the Latin route, has also launched its dazzling golden running shoes, which are small and close to the feet.

The days when solid color leisure sports shoes are the best have passed, and the leisure sports shoes with two-color or multi-color matching are also popular with consumers. Different color schemes show different styles: pink and black, gentle and steady; black and white, showing distinct personality; peach and black, lively and lovely. Also, leisure sports shoes launched several "special" styles for various consumers. For example, the characteristic of "leisure and elegant" type is to replace the brightest warm color with soft light color; "enchanting shadow" type adds a few young and modern breath in the original luxury; "bright and warm" nature highlights a brilliant tone with crystal clear and transparent light color; "natural fresh" type makes people feel "back" with dynamic and intelligent blue and natural green Return to nature "of leisure and relaxation. Generally speaking, the color of leisure sports shoes is bright and bold. Once changing the monotonous tone of sports shoes and leisure shoes in the past, red, white, blue, yellow, black, and other colors are various. Based on retaining the traditional two-color stripe matching, the multi-color and multi-form matching is further expanded. Specific changes reflect simplicity and aestheticism: the near-white series of different colors is a critical tone, reflecting the style of simplicity and aestheticism.

BEITE leisure shoes in self-development at the same time, follow the trend of fashion, I believe there will be more development in the future.BEITE develops a lot of athletic leisure shoes every quarter. If you need comfortable summer walking shoes or cute walking sneakers, please contact us.

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