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Something you have to know about casual shoes

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The earliest shoes were an item worn on the feet to prevent foot injuries. In the prehistoric period of human civilization, they were mainly straw and cloth shoes. Today, shoes, sports shoes, casual shoes, high heels, slippers and boots are more common. Shoes are no longer just to protect our feet. More often, shoes need to bring us a sense of comfort, fashion and satisfaction. Be nice to your feet, it's so important to choose a pair of comfortable casual shoes!

What can be called casual shoes?

Leisure is a living state, a way of life pursued by modern people, and a unique expression of contemporary culture in contemporary life. Entertainment has often become a fashion symbol in modern life, covering all aspects of life, such as walking, sports, and fitness, tourism, shopping, etc. To please oneself and enjoy the colorful life, leisure has become one of the indispensable indexes of living and quality of being pursued by modern people. From the perspective of use, leisure shoes should have both practical and aesthetic essential functions. And the lack of which will seriously affect the usability of leisure shoes. Rational features are the premise of the existence of leisure shoes, and aesthetic and symbolic purposes are the critical extension functions of leisure shoes. As leisure shoes conform to the fast-paced people's desire for leisure life in the era of speed economy, they will become a popular theme in the future. Along with the rapid changes in the social economy, people's values and aesthetics are becoming more and more personalized and diversified. Comfort, fashion, health, and personality have become the focus and new favorite of people.

How to choose casual shoes?

Generally speaking, if you go to the seaside or visit the places of interest on the flat land, you can choose to wear sports sandals or leisure shoes; if you go to the mountain area, mainly for mountain climbing, rock climbing or field exploration, you'd better choose sports and leisure shoes with large sole particles, secure grip, anti-skid, and wear-resistant. Comfort is the first factor, followed by anti-seismic + grip + antiskid + warmth. Generally speaking, if you go to the tropics or islands for water activities and land visits, you can choose to wear sports sandals or leisure shoes; if you go to urban areas for holidays or shopping, you are recommended to wear general flat bottomed leisure shoes; if you go to mountains for outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, running or jungle exploration, you'd better choose shoes with large soles, and sturdy grip, Antiskid, wear-resistant sports and leisure shoes are preferred. To reduce the impact between foot and ground when walking, the key lies in the design of the sole. In terms of "shock absorption function," thick rubber-soled shoes are much better than thin leather-soled shoes. If the shock resistance of shoes is not excellent, it is easy to cause foot discomfort and pain.

On the other hand, professional, casual shoes also have air cushion design to reduce the impact effectively. The one-piece molding design in line with human body mechanics can make the footboard completely relaxed; even if you travel a long distance, you don't feel tired. It is suggested that you should compare more when you purchase, and the most important thing is to try on and let your footboard score by itself.

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