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The complete shoe classification, all shoes are here

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1. Distinguish by function:

(1) Daily shoes: all kinds of leather shoes that people wear every day.

(2) Military shoes: leather shoes issued by the state and worn by officers, soldiers, and police of all military services

(3) Work shoes: protective shoes for labour, which are work shoes and labour protection shoes worn by workers engaged in production, construction, scientific research and exploration.

(4) Stylistic shoes: shoes worn by professional or amateur workers in the arts, sports, or sports for performances, sports competitions, and training.

(5) Travel shoes: shoes for tourists and tourists.

(6) Medical orthopedic shoes: for medicinal purposes, used for the treatment of diseases or for supporting, protecting, correcting lower limbs and foot bones, or to repair physical defects.

2. Distinguish by wearable objects:

Shoes can be divided into men's shoes, women's shoes, children's shoes, baby shoes and old shoes according to different purposes:

3. According to the structure of leather shoes:

(1) Boots: Shoes with a waist up to and exceeding the calf are called boots.

(2) High-top shoes: shoes with an upper over the ankle

(3) Low-top shoes: shoes with a lower upper than the ankle bone. shoe

(4) Penetrating shoes: shoes with front help, middle help or back help.

(5) Slippers: No-back shoes for indoor use or no-back shoes and y-shaped shoes for daily wear in hot areas.

4. Distinguish by wearing season:

(1) Thick shoes: use blankets, blankets, fur and warm materials as cold protection or protection shoes in boots (or cold protection materials for the upper).

(2) Single shoes: use thin fabrics such as leather, canvas, and chemical fibre as single-layer shoes in shoes or without shoes, most of which are worn in spring and autumn (in areas with suitable temperature, they can be worn all year round)

(3) Sandals: shoes worn in summer with straps, meshes, braided structures, or punched holes.

5. Distinguish by heel structure:

Shoes can be divided into flat-heeled shoes, mid-heeled shoes, high-heeled shoes, extra high-heeled shoes, wedge-heeled shoes, non-heeled shoes, etc.

6. According to the manufacturing process:

According to the manufacturing process, shoes can be divided into sewing shoes, adhesive shoes, moulded shoes, injection shoes, rubber injection shoes, vulcanized shoes

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