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Three-Point Guide to Buy BEITE Sneakers

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Now, with the increase in the types of shoes, sports shoes began to go out of people's daily wear gradually, and become special shoes for sports. Take running as an example. Running seems to be a primary and straightforward sport with many benefits, but unscientific exercise backfires. According to the research of the College of foot diseases, half of the people who take part in a sport are injured due to improper sports shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes may lead to typical injuries such as tibial stress syndrome, calf muscle problems, lower back pain, and thigh strain, etc. Many people continue to exercise at the risk of nerve damage and knee and muscle strains.

I found that many people buy sports shoes, ignore the discomfort of shoes to look fashionable, or think it's good to buy expensive ones. Everyone's foot type and arch are different, so you need to choose the right running shoes according to your own feet to help you run safely. And I know better about bite sneakers, so take it, for example.

1. look at shoe last

Last refers to the internal space of running shoes, also called the previous shape, which determines whether the running shoes "fit." It is a prerequisite to choosing shoes last according to your foot shape.

There are about three types of human feet: Egyptian foot (thumb length, mainly in Asia), Roman foot (thumb length is almost the same, which is no longer common), Greek foot (thumb length, mostly in Europe). Similarly, the feet of Asians are generally more extensive than those of Europe and America, and the instep is higher. Therefore, when Asians choose shoes, the European and American version usually needs to buy wider than the standard size. If there is no full version, they will buy more than half of the scale, while the European and American people will buy the opposite. So when you purchase Bite sneakers, you must first look at the last.

2. look at the arch

Generally speaking, the foot with a high arch and normal arch chooses the running shoes with better cushioning, which is also called cushioning and shock absorption. This is the primary function of shoes. And the low arc of general excessive internal rotation is suitable for choosing stable running shoes, of course, the permanent type also has a cushioning and shockproof effect.

BEITE's many kinds of sneakers do an excellent job in this respect.

3. look at weight

Be sure to have a general idea of your weight before you buy Bite shoes. Let's not talk about the rest, but 50kg / 70kg is almost a watershed. Heavy runners need better buffer protection because every step you take is much more stressful than that of lightweight runners. The better the buffer is, the higher the security is, and at the same time, it will also "release force," which will hinder the running speed. We often say "overprotection", that is, we can choose the sub-top, but we should choose the top buffer. As a result, you get less exercise, and it's more difficult to run fast. Keep in mind that the better the protection, the longer the run, but also the slower the run.

I hope these three points can be helpful for you to purchase.

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