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Three points that must be noted when choosing sports shoes: shoe material, sole thickness, design characteristics

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If people who walked in the fashion circle a few years ago wore a pair of sneakers, it was like a taboo. But now that the sport has regained its momentum, even professional people who have always been rigorous and capable have put on their sports shoes. Walking on the street, the major celebrity bloggers and fashionable stars also put on their sneakers, but do you know how to buy them?

Three points that must be noted when choosing sports shoes

Observe the shoe material

Many people choose the most basic requirement for sports shoes to ensure their comfort, and the content is naturally a layer that cannot be ignored. At present, there are various types of sports shoes on the market, and the contents of the upper and the inner are also very different. Let's take a look at the differences between different materials and purchase suggestions.

1. Upper material

Material advantages:

The application range of sports shoe materials is more extensive than leather shoes and walking shoes. In addition to leather, artificial leather, and synthetic materials, the upper material is used. Because the first layer of cowhide is soft, elastic, and has a shiny surface, it is often used in the top element of sports shoes.

Purchase suggestion:

You can see whether the pores on the surface of the cow leather are small. Good material must be smooth and soft. The texture is firm and flexible when touched by hand. The leather surface can be squeezed hard, usually with small folds. Or look at the leather surface to see if there are inherent patterns and pores in the leather, which can also distinguish the quality of the material.

2. Inner material

Material advantages:

The dermis is composed of connective tissue, which is located in the deep layer of the epidermis and is connected to the subcutaneous tissue downwards. This inner material has a good sense of the feet when worn. At present, the inner content of shoes also has ultra-fine fibers. This material has a soft texture, uniform texture, and balanced elasticity. It is one of the best materials in artificial leather.

Purchase suggestion:

Pigskin is thinner than cowhide, and stretchability is not as excellent as cowhide, so wearing it on your feet has not only full breathability but also has an anti-slip effect. If you want to choose the inside of the ultra-fine fiber, it depends on the stretchability.

Three points that must be noted when choosing sports shoes

Measure sole thickness

The style determines the overall shape. At present, sports shoes are not only sizeable flat bottom design, but thick bottom sports shoes are also born. It can be said that the styles created by flat and thick-soled sneakers are also very different. Today, the two thicknesses of shoes brought by the editor can create different styles according to similar styles. See which one can touch your heart.

1. Flat bottom

Flat bottom advantage:

The most important thing to note about sports shoes is the sole. The soft solid core sole will be very light when walking. However, to facilitate exercise and to walk, many sports shoes are designed with a wide forefoot area, but over time will cause the arch of the foot to deform. When buying, pay attention to the problem of looseness of the shoes.

Purchase suggestion:

The soles of popular sports shoes are usually divided into three layers, whether it is the insole close to the foot, the midsole, and the outsole, all of which require our attention. Among them, the outsole should choose wear-resistant materials to achieve its durability and grip to ensure the functionality and comfort of flat-bottom sports shoes.

2. Thick bottom

Thick bottom advantage:

From a broad perspective, thick-soled sneakers are still the hottest. The most significant advantage is that the upper feet can lengthen the body proportions so that your body looks more slender and slender. Also, the texture rubber structure of the popular sports shoes is very smooth, breaking the bulky sense of the thick bottom, and wearing it on the feet to show youthful vitality.

Purchase suggestion:

Too thick shoes will inevitably make people look cumbersome, especially for short girls, choose too thick sneakers, the upper foot will be very contrary. It is best to select a sole of about 5cm, which can easily heighten the height without making people feel cumbersome.

Three points that must be noted when choosing sports shoes

See design highlights

Many people have a misunderstanding about sports shoes, thinking that the design of sports shoes is monotonous, and the style that can be created is also effortless. But in the first fashion weeks, the models are not limited to high heels but replaced with sports shoes. In addition to the design of sports shoes, more new elements have also been incorporated, bringing a sense of trend.

1. Material stitching

Highlights analysis:

If you feel that a single material of sports shoes is not public enough, then you may wish to try a variety of materials stitching sports shoes. The various elements on the shoe body are stitched together, and the entire upper is like an art painting. It is full of eyes after looking at it. This stitching design can be on the side of the front.

Purchase suggestion:

The stitching of the material is expressed on the upper. If it is stitching between the cortex, because the touch and texture of the surface are the same, it cannot show any trendy feeling. When buying, you can choose the stitching of leather and suede. Different materials are like the collision of varying fashion elements. It is best to add sequins on the upper.

2. Color stitching

Highlights analysis:

Today's sports shoes also use a contrast design. Not only the sewing of similar colors, but also the sewing of dark and bright colors, giving a visual impact, and the level of sports shoes is instantly improved by more than one degree. Walking on the street will make you turn back rate.

Purchase suggestion:

When buying, it is best to use your occasion as a basis for division. Shoes of similar colors are relatively more rigorous, which is very suitable for professionals, and it is also ideal for professional wear. But if you are gathering with friends or going out shopping, you can choose the bright color stitching.

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