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What Kind of BEITE Shoes You don't Know

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Shoes have a long history of development. About 5000 years ago, the most primitive shoes made of animal skin appeared. Shoes are a tool for people to protect their feet from injury. To overcome the individual situation, not to make the foot uncomfortable or injured, the first people invented fur shoes. Shoes have developed to the present, which has formed the present situation.

What Kind of BEITE Shoes You don't Know

With the development of the times, people are more and more dissatisfied with the sole foot protection function of shoes. Designers began to make shoes more and more fashionable. In the early 16th century, after the fashion shoes with thick soles, an unknown Italian shoe designer invented the first modern high-heeled shoes. Many people in recent times take wearing shoes as their matching style; for example, it is more appropriate to wear what kind of shoes to match, so shoes have a critical position in our life. I remember that when I was a child, I always liked to wear my mother's high-heeled shoes. I didn't know what I thought at that time. Maybe it was out of curiosity, and I wanted to try that feeling. Perhaps it's pretty.

When it comes to matching, we know that it's not a matter of one or two pairs of shoes, so it's time for bite shoes to come out. In terms of appearance, BEITE shoes are unique in design and always pursue fashion and high-end; in terms of reputation, BEITE, though not comparable to those old brands, is also a new upstart in the shoe market and famous in the "middle class." Most importantly, the price of BEITE shoes is low. Now, the selling price of shoes is still high, even with the rising cost, so it is particularly important to choose low-cost and durable shoes.

What Kind of BEITE Shoes You don't Know

So, what are the main types of BEITE's shoes?

1. flat shoes

Flat shoes are not only elegant in style, but also of both quality and appearance. New designs are introduced continuously, which has become the first choice for people to work and go to the street. Pink, wine red, suede, black leather flat shoes become the main character. Flat shoes have the gentleness of a lady; flat shoes also have comfortable laziness. Comfortable shoes support feet, but comfortable shoes are not necessarily the most beautiful shoes, just like the plain and simple life. In summer, you can't do without a pair of flat sandals in your wardrobe. When walking or shopping at the seaside, it shows friendly and friendly characteristics compared with high-heeled shoes. This season's flat sandals add a natural and robust temperament, and the design of patent leather or decorative metal accessories makes them look rock and roll.

The soles are not necessarily flat, but they are flat. In high-heeled shoes and slope heeled shoes, they are relatively healthy. Shoes like board shoes, Doudou shoes, and loose roll shoes also belong to flat shoes, and many muffin shoes are flat bottomed, but the soles are very thick new high-heeled shoes.

2. sports shoes

According to the different functional characteristics, sports shoes can be divided into the following five categories: control action category, suitable for moderate to severe somersault foot, as well as people with high weight, it can improve the runner's control of heel and running action, and can support the arch part. Its exterior characteristic is that the arch part of the foot is thickened, and the weight of the shoes is medium and heavy. Shock absorption and pad type, suitable for runners with better running technology, landing on the ground with the forefoot or the middle of the foot and supporting with the foot and the outside. The weight of the shoes is moderate, and the sole is thick. Stable type, suitable for the runner with slight to average pronation foot type and support with the middle and outside of the foot. Shoes are of medium self-weight — competition type, suitable for runners with excellent running skills, lightweight, or slight foot varus. Shoes are light in weight. Cross country, with a thick sole and deep groove, it is suitable for running on the natural ground such as land and forest. Shoes are heavy.

3. casual shoes

From the perspective of use, leisure shoes should have both practical and aesthetic essential functions. The lack of which will seriously affect the usability of leisure shoes. Rational features are the premise of the existence of leisure shoes, and aesthetic and symbolic purposes are the critical extension functions of leisure shoes.

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