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What are the side effects of running with casual shoes?How to run correctly?

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There is no harm in walking with casual shoes, but running with casual shoes or running for too long will cause some adverse effects on the body. Casual shoes are undoubtedly suitable for walking; there is no problem. But when running, the protection of the shoes on the feet is more durable than walking. So when running, wearing sports shoes or running shoes will be very comfortable. Whether it is the best casual shoes or new casual shoes, there is the problem of adapting the feet. When the feet have not yet adjusted to the latest boots, running can cause great harm.

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The outsole of the running shoe is a layer that touches the ground, and the texture is slightly hard, wear-resistant, and non-slip. The midsole is the most crucial shock absorber layer. It is softer than the outsole. The support at the arch of the foot can control the twisting force of the shoe bending and transfer the impact force from the heel to the sole when landing. The shock absorber in the heel of the shoe is the most important, and each brand has its technology and characteristics.

Although running seems simple, there are still many tips. If you want to run to achieve a good fitness effect, you must follow the correct running method. Otherwise, it may also be a waste of exercise time and energy, but let your running do not affect at all. So, how is it running correctly? What is the correct running method? Today I will tell you whether it is running to lose weight, shape, or other, follow the six running tips to make your running healthier and more productive.

1. The stride should be small

The purpose of the small stride in the running is to reduce the strength of muscles in each running step actively, and the goal is to extend the running time as much as possible. Many people exert too much force on their ankles during running, and local fatigue occurs before they run far, often making people give up running. Small stride but balanced movements.

2. Run slowly

We all know that different running speeds stimulate the heart and brain vessels differently, and slow running stimulates the heart more gently. In general, the basic pulse rate of each person is different. For example, the middle and older adults have slow heart rhythm, and the morning pulse is only five or sixty times per minute, while some young and middle-aged people have seven pulses 80 times. Therefore, it is more appropriate to control the initial healthy running intensity according to one's morning pulse per minute multiplied by 1.4 to 1.8.

3. Long-running distance

The most crucial point of the long run is that the body can "actively" consume all the blood sugar in the current blood, while still consuming the excess heat accumulated in the body. This "active" consumption is the best way to lower blood lipids, blood sugar and relieve blood pressure. As far as weight loss is concerned, the most important thing is that its damage to health is almost "zero."

4. It varies from person to person

In general, each person's physique and illness are different, so you must combine yourself in the running.

5. Pay attention to nutrition

Many people think that the amount of running exercise is vast, and it is necessary to supplement nutrition. Many people increase animal protein in large amounts. Such supplementation is wrong. The body's consumption during jogging is mainly blood sugar, and there is not much demand for protein. Therefore, it is appropriate to supplement carbohydrate food after running. "Healthy running" is a simple and straightforward exercise suitable for all healthy people and patients. Its contribution to humans is by no means single!

6. Mainly run

If you are fatter and want to start a healthy running exercise, you will certainly not be able to stand the body for a long distance. Therefore, you can walk for a while and then run for a while, so repeated alternating running is also a good run.

The so-called healthy running is mainly running, not walking. However, some people begin to exercise for 10 minutes, then run for 5 minutes, and then alternately apply and finally shorten the walking time and increase the running time until they transition to a 30-minute run. If you can keep running for 30 to 50 minutes at a stretch, your health can be said to be great.

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