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Where are there More 3d Knitted Shoes in China, how to Get the Cheapest Shoes

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China has been making flying shoes for many years, and there are thousands of shoe factories in Yanshi.
On December 17, in the BEITE shoe production workshop on Shangdu Road, Yanshi City, there was a busy scene. According to the order, about 20,000 pairs of flying woven shoes will be produced here in the next week and sold all over the world.
This is just the tip of the iceberg of the Yanshi BEITE shoe factory. Yanshi, with more than 60 years of footwear development history, is currently the country's largest cloth shoe production base and has the reputation of "China's cloth shoe capital".
Once a shoe factory created a big industry

Yanshi's shoemaking history began in 1956, and Yanshi County's shoe factory established in 1979 can be said to be the cradle of Yanshi's shoe industry achievements. Zhang Jun, Secretary-General of Yanshi City Shoe Industry Association, introduced that most of the earliest self-employed local shoemakers came from this factory, and now the larger shoe companies are mostly related to this factory. BEITE is one of them. Nowadays, the scale of his enterprise is continuously expanding, and the newly-built factory has been put into use.
It is understood that by the end of 2020, there were more than 670 local shoe-making enterprises, 450 related supporting enterprises, 60 above-scale enterprises, about 100,000 employees in the industry, and an annual output of about 520 million pairs of various types of cloth shoes, with an output value of 90 100 million yuan, accounting for more than one-third of the national cloth shoes market share. Among them, nearly 50% of the “flying woven shoes” popular in the country are produced by Yanshi ’s local shoe manufacturers.
In the shoe industry for more than 20 years, 50% of BEITE's products are sold abroad
On the afternoon of April 20th, looking at the busy scene in the production workshop, Beite shoe general manager Medi was smiling broadly. And making him happy is more than just the sight in front of him. Medi started dealing with shoes in 2010. In the past three years, his shoes have been sold abroad, and 50% of the products produced by BEITE have been sold abroad. No worries about sales are the real reason for his happiness.
According to a document provided by the Yanshi Footwear Industry Association: Yanshi cloth shoes have been dominated by domestic sales for many years. Since 2014, the export volume has increased year by year.
According to incomplete statistics, in 2019, more than 110 million pairs of cloth shoes were exported, accounting for about 40% of the annual output, mainly exported to Southeast Asia, West Asia, Africa, and South America. South Korea, the United States, and other places also have a small number of exports.
In the past three years, e-commerce sales have exceeded 2 billion yuan. At noon on April 25th, a warehouse of about 1200 square meters on the upper and lower two floors of BEITE Footwear Industrial Park was filled with cloth shoes packed for delivery.
Zhang Jun said that here will introduce domestic brand enterprises with advanced footwear bases to settle in, and supporting production areas, logistics parks, e-commerce parks, shoe materials, and shoe materials market, shoe capital building, etc., to enhance the concentration of Yanshi shoe industry park Degree, strengthen the industrial chain, enhance the brand, and promote the continuous transformation and upgrading of the footwear industry.
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