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Why We Choose BEITE sports shoes

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Nowadays, with the improvement of people's living standards, there are more and more kinds of sports shoes, so why do BEITE sports shoes stand out? Is it just because the price is low? Of course not.

Why We Choose BEITE BEITE sports shoes

BEITE can use colours and beautiful designs correctly.BEITE has a lot of sport shoes style.

BEITE sports shoes have the characteristics of a wide range of colour application, sophisticated colour matching and rich visual experience, which are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

(1) the use of colour in upper materials of sports shoes: the colour of top materials of sports shoes is more flexible, productive and diversified than that of leather shoes. Beautiful colours include not only standard colours but also a large number of metal colours, laser, flash, and so on.

(2) The application of colour on the sport's sole: the single shade of leather shoes and rubber shoes is mostly monochrome or double colour, while the bottom of sports shoes is 3-5 colour. The selection range of colour is broad, and the brightness and purity of colour are high. There are not many restrictions on colour matching. It can be a pure colour and a variety of colour combinations, especially some colours that are difficult to see in leather shoes and rubber shoes. It is frequently used in sport's shoes, especially eye-catching, so that it is full of vitality and vitality.

(3) The use of sports shoes packaging and publicity colour: sports shoes are full of sports characteristics, sports itself is the goal of human life, so this product has the features of guiding and encouraging people to move. General sports shoes pay great attention to the flexible and diverse colours of products and advertisements, highlight the features and sense of the times of sports shoes to stimulate consumers' desire to buy.

(4) Another embodiment of the colour characteristics of sports shoes is carefully combined with the fashion trend of clothing. Sports shoes pay close attention to the change of fashion trend of clothing, which is greatly influenced by the fashion colour of a dress. As a designer and producer of sports shoes, we should pay attention to the trend of fashion colour.

The materials of BEITE sneakers are of high quality and low price.BEITE offers the best offer on sports shoes.

The application range of sports shoe materials is more extensive than that of leather shoes and cloth shoes. The contents of sports shoes are widely used in the upper, textile materials, leather, artificial leather, and synthetic materials. In addition to rubber, PU, and PVC, there are also a large number of thermoplastic elastomers, polymer composites, and functional elements such as EVA, TPR, and SBS. In terms of accessories, the use of metal parts and plastic parts is also more than that of leather shoes and cloth shoes. At the same time, the functional requirements of sports shoes significantly promote the research and development process of new materials.BEITE helps you buy men's sport shoes online.

BEITE sneakers have visible quality and recognition.


Upper is one of the main components of shoes. For flat shoes, it depends on whether they are soft and plump. After pressing the upper by hand, whether there is a loose surface. A good high should be plump and smooth, comfortable, with uniform lustre, and no free surface. For the top of suede leather shoes, pay attention to check whether the fluff is short and even, and the colour should be the same. The lining is part of the upper. It is used to strengthen the high, prevent the high from stretching and deforming, and improve the foot feel. Therefore, suitable lining materials (such as real leather lining) should have a right touch, permeability, and moisture removal and not easy to decolourize. There should be no wrinkles and round edges in the shoes.


The back half of the insole or heel pad is usually used in men's shoes. Women's shoes use full cushions that cover the insole. The insole has the function of keeping the insole clean and covering the unevenness of the insole to improve the foot feeling. Therefore, insoles should have proper moisture absorption and drainage. In artistry, the insole should be flatly adhered to the inner sole, without hanging folds.


From the appearance, the bonding state of the periphery of the outsole shall be tightly bonded without gaps, and the bottom surface shall be flat.


Whether it's a low or a high heel, first of all, it depends on whether it's naturally flush with the shoe. For women's shoes with half high heels or above, the following two points are more important: first, the heels should be firmly installed on the inner sole. The back and forth swing should not be shaken; second, the palm should not be less than the bottom of the heel.


On the one hand, it's better to look at the material of the insole, which is made of genuine leather. On the other hand, it is necessary to press the waist firmly by the hand, which is equivalent to the part of the instep when wearing shoes. It is better not to move. Under the action of this force, if there is deformation.

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