Phosphorus, the Gold of Human Development

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The Discovery of Phosphorus

Hennig brandt from Germany discovered phosphorus in human urine while playing with it 1996. The first known element by humans, the importance of phosphorus in human life is well-known. Phosphorus is an important part of all living organisms’ cytoplasm and essential ingredient for their growth. Not only does it make a significant contribution to agricultural development, but it is also important for human health. Because science at the time was still not sophisticated enough, the discovery and use of phosphorus wasn’t of much value. The 21st century has seen science and technology improve and the importance of phosphorus elements is becoming more evident. Many foreign scientists comment on Hennigbrandt’s discovery. They say that what they found were not elements but gold.


In fact, the greatest value of phosphorus comes from its role in the agriculture industry. The first time people used animal and human waste to fertilize crops was in the latter half of the twentieth century. The world’s population has increased, and so have the number and quality of foods that are available for fertilizer. The crop industry was eventually reorganized by scientists who discovered that phosphorus can help solve energy and quality issues. While there are many options for phosphate fertilizer, scientists continue to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative phosphide-based fertilizers. Humans are constantly concerned about food production.

The advantage that phosphorus has over other elements is the ability to allow farmers plant their crops in a selective manner, maximising land use. For example, scientists have found that different crops absorb different levels of nutrients from soil. It is essential that nutrients are fully absorbed to ensure crop quality and yield. This discovery may prove useful for those who want to improve the breeding of new species.
We can also artificially increase phosphorus in these crops. However, there are other fungi that contribute. Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal fungi are a group of friendly fungi found in soil. These fungi were able to live in harmony with the crop roots, and they also had friendly relationships of mutual aid. They release nutrients such as phosphorus, nitrogen, and carbohydrates to aid crops in growing.

In addition to its role in life, phosphorus is essential for the manufacturing of chemical minerals. Phosphate ore can also be used as a key chemical mineral raw material. Phosphorus ore may be used in the manufacture of chemical raw materials and pure phosphorus. A little bit is also used as animal food. To make matches, phosphates and other chemicals, you can use red phosphorus. It is toxic, and yellow phosphorus may be used for pesticides as well as incenses, flares. Used in the semiconductor industry are phosphorus, boron indium and gallium phosphates. It’s used in the metallurgical industries for the refining of phosphorous bronze, cast iron, and phosphorous iron pig iron. The adsorbent, coating, pigment and binder of zirconium, titanium, and silicon phosphate is possible. Boiler water can be purified with sodium phosphate or disodium hydrogenphosphate. These can also be made out of rayon. You can use sodium hexametaphosphate as a water softener or metal preservative. Calcium phosphate can also be used as an animal feed additive, and the phosphorous derivative in medicine. Aluminum adhesive dihydrogen-phosphate has superior electrical and refractoriness. Fluorapatite crystal, the ideal material to emit laser light, has also been utilized.

Future of Phosphorus

Intangible evidence shows that phosphorus’s existence has brought development and progress to the agricultural sector. These things are scarce and valuable. Because phosphorus is an infrequent nutrient, it will likely disappear after its use is up. Even though phosphate can be found in nature, some of its toxic effects do not benefit agriculture. As an element, phosphate must exist in a cycle, however, we are still trying to find it. All kinds of problems can be solved by the collective development of the planet.
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