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 Currently, the following three outsole types are mainly used for our injection molded shoe products:
injection molded shoe products

PVC sole: It features good physical and chemical properties. Intuitively, it is a plastic material characterized by light weight and high glossiness.

TPR sole: It is lighter than PVC sole and rubber sole, with dim surface and featuring favorable cold resistance. Its folding resistance and abrasion resistance depend on the formula.

PU sole: It is light, with superior folding resistance, wear resistance and cold resistance.

PVC sole-TPR sole-PU sole

Through years of shoe-making experience and multi-market supply, our skilled workers have been familiar with the formula of sole materials, and have formulated suitable and stable sole materials according to the market environment of customers. In addition, we will also recommend different sole materials according to different requirements of customers for products, so that customers will have more advantages in their own market. Our company has always adhered to the concept of "Specialty comes from devotion, and makes achievements".