Safety Issues as a Surfactant

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What is Sodium Myristate?

Sodium myristate, alias: sodium tetradecanoate. Surfactants and cleansers are three of the most important functions for sodium myristate found in cosmetics and skin products. You can use it with confidence as the risk factor is 2 It is generally safe for pregnant women. The acne-causing effects of sodium myristate are not known. The good emulsifying qualities of sodium myristate can be used in water and ethanol. It can be prepared often by adding sodium laurate to the saponification process. You can use it together if you wish. It is the primary component of soap.

Safety Questions of Surfactants

Surfactants have become more common in all systems that are exposed to the human body such as food, drugs and cosmetics. The human condition has improved and people now have to deal with side effects from surfactants used in products that are in direct contact with the body. It is important to pay more attention. The focus of surfactants can be used for different purposes. It is important to pay attention to skin irritation, toxicity and hereditary carcinogenicity as well as skin sensitization. aspect.

The principle behind selecting cosmetic ingredients was, by way of example, to dress up. Surfactants were chosen based on their primary or most important effect. These include washing, foaming, dispersion and emulsification. The second factor is the impact of surfactants on hair and skin. The selection principle for surfactants is gradually evolving to ensure that they meet both the requirements of keeping the skin and hair healthy and protect them from any side effects. The effectiveness and the auxiliary effects.
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