Sodium Nitrate Solution

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Sodium nitrate is an element that is composed of nitrogen and oxygen. It is used for many different purposes. These include its application as a fertilizer, a preservative, and as an oxidizer.

Sodium nitrate is often used as an oxidizer in fireworks. It also plays a role in rocket propellants.

Sodium nitrate is a strong oxidizer. However, it is also an hygroscopic substance. This means that when it comes into contact with water, it will decompose. That is why it is advisable to use sodium nitrate in moderation.

In addition, the element is very reactive. That is why it may be dangerous when it comes into contact with other materials. The chemical is therefore best kept away from sands. If larger amounts are used, it should be applied in multiple applications.

Sodium nitrate solutions are moderate to highly concentrated liquid solutions. They can be used for solubilizing materials. For example, it can be used to remove cyanide from the body. There is no safe level of consumption, but it is recommended that a 150-pound person should only consume no more than 0.25 grams of the element per day.

Sodium nitrate is commonly found in instant cold compresses. It is also added to wastewater in wastewater treatment plants.

Sodium nitrate can be produced synthetically with ammonia. This is a process known as the Haber process. During World War I, the German chemists developed this process to produce ammonia from the atmosphere.

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