Sodium Stearate Ph

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sodium stearate ph

sodium stearate ph is an odorless, white powder that is soluble in hot water and ethanol. It is used in many manufacturing processes and preparations including toothpaste, soaps, cosmetics, plastics, concrete and paper.

It is also a stabilizer, anti-caking agent and flow agent in food products. It is also a mold release agent for pharmaceutical tablets and capsules and is used as a thickener in some types of lubricants.

The dihydrate form of magnesium stearate has been found to be superior in pharmaceutical formulations and applications when compared with monohydrate or tri-hydrate forms. However, it is difficult to consistently produce the pure hydrate form of magnesium stearate.

A process is disclosed for producing an alkaline earth metal stearate composition in which the hydration of the magnesium stearate is controlled by controlling the pH of the aqueous precipitation medium. In particular, the aqueous magnesium stearate slurry is adjusted to a pH lower than 8.5 before drying. This reduces the amount of hydrate that is formed and results in a higher purity product.

An alkaline earth metal stearate slurry is prepared by adding a solution of an inorganic magnesium salt to a basic aqueous magnesium stearate composition. The resulting slurry is mixed and then filtered to separate the magnesium stearate from any dissolved saline or other salts. The slurry is then recovered for use in a subsequent preparation of the alkaline earth metal stearate.

The alkaline earth metal stearate is then flash dried to a target temperature of 71 0C, thereby dehydrating the stearate while maintaining greater than 90% dihydrate purity. The resulting product is purified using thermogravimetric analysis to ensure that the stearate is in its dihydrate form, which is believed to contribute to its performance as a lubricant and tablet releasing agent.