The Applications of Hafnium Disilicide Powder

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What is it?

Hafnium Powder


Hafnium Silicide is a silica of transition metals, which can also be used as an intermetallic compound.

The key features of

Hafnium Disilicide Pulver

Hafnium silicide, HfSi2 dust (CAS 12401-56-8) has high melting points, high corrosion resistances, high oxidation resistants, and good electrical conductivity.

The applications

Hafnium Disilicide Pulver

1. Prepare an organic electronic luminescence device. It includes an anode with a light-emitting and cathode layers, as well as a packaging cover that is stacked in order. The packaging cover protects the light-emitting layers and the cathode of the anode. The packaging cover has a silicon oxide layer and a barrier. This layer is formed on top of the silicon carbonitride. The above-mentioned organic electronluminescent device has a very long life span. The invention provides a method to prepare the organic electrodeluminescent device.

2. Preparation of a silicone-germanium alloy-based thermoelectric device. The silicon-germanium alloy-based thermostatic element is composed of an electro layer, a silicon alloy-based thermal layer, and a barrier layers between the electrode and the silicongermanium mixture-based temperatureelectric layer. The silicide must be at least one of the following: molybdenum, tungsten, cobalt, nickel, silicide or tantalum silicide. The provided silicon-germanium-alloy-based thermoelectric element can withstand high-temperature accelerated long-term tests. Additionally, the provided preparation method is easy to use, low-cost, reliable and cost-effective. It can also be used for large-scale production.

3. A high temperature, oxidation resistant ceramic composite coating can be prepared. The composition of the composite film is as follows: the coating is composed of intermetallic compound, refractory carbide, and refractory metal. The thickness of the coating ranges from 10 to 50 millimeters. The refractory metallic is one or many of molybdenum and tantalum as well as zirconium, zirconium, and hafnium. The intermetallic compounds are composed of one or more refractory metals.

Hafnium Silicide HFSi2 Powder Properties

Other Titles
hafnium disilicide, hfSi2


Combination Formula

Molecular Weight


Melting Point

Solubility of in water

7.6 g/cm3


Particle size

Boling Point

Specific heat

Thermal Conductivity

Thermal Expansion

Young’s Modulus



Hafnium Silicide HFSi2 Powder, CAS 12401-56-8

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