Titanium Carbide Powder

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titanium carbide powder is an excellent material for the manufacture of cermets and arc-melting electrodes. It has the properties of good hardness, corrosion resistance and thermal stability. It can be used for the manufacture of wear-resistant materials, abrasion-resistant surface coatings on metal parts, heat shielding and many other applications.

The high melting point of titanium carbide makes it an excellent candidate for a solar cell. Its emissivity of 0.9 is excellent for the efficient absorption of sunlight.

TiC can also be used for making conductive coatings, plastic enhanced conductive material nucleating agents, and some titanium carbide ceramics. It is also used to produce some of the optics materials for use in a wide variety of optical applications.

Besides, it can be used as an effective nucleating agent and is a great additive for alloys and composite materials. It also produces certain types of abrasion-resistant protective coatings and conductive coatings.

It can be synthesized by a gas-phase reaction of titanium halides with hydrogen and methane, similar to the carbothermal reduction of WC. It is a promising chemical precursor for the production of TiC nanoparticles.

It is known that TiC has a higher tensile strength, ductility, and toughness than tungsten carbide. It has also been shown that graphite addition to TiC can increase fracture toughness of the material. It has been found that TiC can withstand a temperature range of 800degC to 1300degC for a long time. This is attributed to some toughening mechanisms that are related to crack deflection and bridging (Ahmed et al., 2015).