Tungsten Mesh

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tungsten mesh is a type of woven wire mesh where the warp and weft wires are interlaced at right angles to each other. This type of mesh is commonly used for radiation shielding and as a heating element in vacuum furnaces.

Tungsten is a greyish white refractory metal that has the highest tensile strength among all metals. It has the highest melting point and lowest vapor pressure, as well as a high resistance to many chemicals.

The tungsten metal is extracted from ores, crushed to become powdery and then mixed and molded to form a refractory material. It is a very hard and brittle metal that requires special handling when welding and other fabrication processes.

Its high tensile strength and high melting point make it useful for making electric light source parts, as well as electrical and vacuum components. It can be produced in different forms including rods, bars, pieces, spheres, discs, and granules.

When heated, tungsten becomes a silver-white color, and if the temperature is high enough, it will begin to oxidize. This oxidation process will generate tungsten trioxide. Tungsten trioxide is a light yellow orthorhombic crystalline powder, and its crystal structure also changes with temperature.

Tungsten is a common material for manufacturing heating elements because of its high watt density, as well as its ability to withstand multiple heat cycles without distortion. Tungsten heating elements are available in circular or flat panel designs and can be manufactured for single-phase power operation. Other design factors include the position of the element and how it is supported, such as by power pins or top and bottom bands.