Tungsten Nanopowder and Catalysts

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tungsten nanopowder is a kind of powder, which is used as an ingredient in making certain types of metal tungsten and tungsten alloys. It is also widely used for its electromagnetic properties to produce conducting nanofluids and semi-conductors. It can be also used in manufacturing certain composite semiconducting materials.

Tungsten is a common element with many applications, which include the production of diamond tools, heavy alloys, and tungsten-rhenium thermocouple material [2,3]. It also is a colorant and pigment in various ceramics and other compound materials.

In recent years, tungsten-based catalysts have been increasingly developed to replace noble metal catalysts due to its advantages of rich resources, friendly environment, rich valence and better adsorption enthalpy. However, some challenges still exist in the development of tungsten-based catalysts. These challenges include limited catalytic activity, instability, difficult recovery and so on.

One of the most significant challenges in the development of tungsten-based catalytic materials is its low stability. Therefore, a number of efforts have been made to improve the stability of tungsten-based catalysts. In particular, a series of methods such as heat treatment and decomposition have been applied to make the reactivity of tungsten-based catalysts more stable.

Another method to increase the stability of tungsten-based catalysts is to dope the materials. W doping can promote the re-arrangement of surface atoms and effectively increase the number of active sites. In addition, tungsten-doped nanocatalysts can increase the rate of the reaction by promoting the speed of charge transfer and charge separation.