What is a Gold Copper Alloy?

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A gold copper alloy is an alloy of gold and copper. It is often used in electrical contacts and other metal applications. In addition to the two main components, it may contain additional elements such as nickel or palladium.

Its characteristics include a high degree of malleability and a low melting point. These properties enable it to be gilded, cast, soldered, and drawn. Although a variety of materials can be used to make tumbaga, the most common is a combination of gold and copper.

It is difficult to determine the exact atomic content of the alloy using XRD analysis. However, it is possible to infer the presence of Cu and Mo from their EDX spectrum. The spectral information can be confirmed by inductive coupled plasma-aemission spectroscopy.

Compared to gold, copper is a more reactive transition metal. This causes the alloy to be more prone to oxidation. For this reason, it is necessary to use a pure alloy. Typically, an alloy containing copper in an amount of 18 karat or more has a better color tone.

An interesting feature of some gold-copper-aluminum alloys is their ability to form a fine surface texture during heat treatment. Additionally, some of the alloys exhibit a very interesting spangling effect.

One of the primary functions of the alloy is to reduce the cost of gold. In addition to reducing the price of gold, it also helps to maintain its golden luster over a long period of time.

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