What is alumina used for?

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Alumina properties High resistance to heat: alumina may be used in an oxidation-reduction atmosphere up to 1650degC (2900degF), and vacuum environments up up to 2000degC (3600degF).

Wear resistance: Alumina is an extremely durable ceramic that has excellent wear resistance. Alumina is a great choice for products or inserts that require wear resistance.

Electrical insulators: Alumina is a common material used for high-temperature electrical insulation, in particular when it comes to higher purity grades which provide greater resistance.

Chemical resistance: Alumina can withstand strong acids and bases at high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for applications that require resistance to corrosive substances.

Extreme hardness

Be strong.

High compressive force

High mechanical strength.

At high temperatures, resist strong acid or alkali.

High electrical insulation.

High thermal conductivity

What advantages does alumina offer?

Alumina is an industrially-used wear-resistant ceramic material. This ceramic material has high hardness, wear resistance, low corrosion level, high temperature resistance as well as biological inertia. Alumina can be polished very finely, making it suitable to precision seal applications, such as pistons and pumps. Alumina’s high temperature stability has made it an outstanding high-temperature ceramic. This is the most popular type of advanced ceramic with purity between 95-99.99%.

For what purpose is alumina being used?

Alumina, a hard ceramic that is very wear resistant, can be found in high-quality forms. This ceramic is ideal for making wear-resistant products and inserts. High temperature electrical insulators are often made from alumina, and especially higher quality grades that provide better resistance. Alumina can also resist strong acids and alkali at high temperatures, making it an excellent choice for corrosion resistance materials.

These are some of the most common uses for alumina:

Electronic components and sub-materials

Elec. Insulator at high temperatures

Insulator with high voltage.

Laser tube.

Machine parts

The mechanical seal

High wear axles, precision axles

Bearings in roller or ball.

Sealing ring

Semiconductor components.

Shoot peening the nozzle.

Thermocouple tube.

Head plate for hose

Valve seat.

Wear parts

Conductors and wires

Ballistic armor

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