What is Cementite?

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Or Iron Carbid is a mixture of iron, carbon, or, more precisely, an intermediate transitional metal carbide having the molecular formula F3C. It weighs 6.67% and 93.3% respectively. It is a gray-white crystal powder with a relative density of 7.694. It is insoluble when diluted with cold, hot, and dilute acids. But it is soluble in hot concentrated hydrogen chloric acid to produce mixtures containing hydrogen, methane and other complex hydrocarbons. Do not react with dry oxygen. Iron oxide and carbon can be formed by oxidizing in moist air. It has an orthorhombic structure. It is a soft and fragile material and, in its natural form, is classified as ceramic. This is why it is important in black metalurgisty.

What does Fe3C mean?

Fe3C, also known as iron carbide, is also called cementite.

How do you make cementite?

Primary cementite

When the liquid alloy of iron-carbon alloy (hypereutectic yellow cast iron), is cooled below the liquidus, the cementite precipitates.

Eutectic cemented cementite:

In the ledeburite structure, the point-strip cementite is evenly distributed on the austenite matrix.

Preeutectoid phase, cementite:

Alloys with hypoeutectoid/hypereutectoid compositions are always precipitated with a decrease in temperature. The first precipitated phase of the eutectoid transition is called proeutectoid. Because of the differences in forming conditions, proeutectoid morphology can be divided into three types, block, reticulate, and Widmanstatten structures.

Eutectoid cementite:

Eutectoid cementite refers to the cementite found in pearlite.

Secondary cementite

When iron-carbon alloys are slow cooled, such as hypoeutectic iron, hypoeutectic iron cast iron, hypereutectic iron cast iron), the carbon content in austenite becomes saturated. The cementite will then precipitate along austenite’s grain boundary, with a network distribution in microstructure. Secondary cementite is the cementite formed from austenite.

Tertiary cementedite:

When the equilibrium cooling temperature of industrial pure iron drops below the solid solution line for carbon in iron (FeC equilibrium diagram Q line), then the solubility in carbon in ferrite reaches saturation. The temperature drops again and the tertiary cemented from ferrite. Because of its small amount, the Tertiary Cementite is precipitated from the Ferrite grain boundary. It generally spreads intermittently along that boundary.

It refers only to those that exist outside of the mechanical mixture (structure), such a pearlite (eutectoid) or ledeburite.

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