What is Magnesium Nitride Powder?

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What is it?

Magnesium Nitride

Magnesium-nitride, an inorganic compound, has the chemical composition Mg3N2. It is part of the cubic crystal system. It is a yellowish-green powder when it is heated to room temperature by pure magnesium nitride. However, magnesium nitride that contains a small amount of magnesium oxide impurities is grayish-white. Magnesium Nitride, like other metal nitrides reacts with the water to make ammonia, and is frequently used as a catalyst.

Magnesium Nitride Pulver’s properties

Mg3N2 is its chemical formula. 100.95 mol. The loose powder can be found in a range of colors, from yellow-orange to green-yellow. Relative Density 2.71225 Solventible in acid, insoluble with ethanol 800 and is easily broken down in water. Sublimation at 700°C under vacuum. It is split into MgOH2 and N in the air. Preparation method for Mg(NH2)2: It can be prepared by heating MgEt2 to red heat and reacting magnesium with the nitrogen at high temperature. This is used to determine the moisture content of alcohol-containing fuels. Magnesium-nitride, an inorganic compound, has many uses. It can also be used to make nitrides with other elements, such as those with high hardness and high thermal conductivity, wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Magnesium Nitride Properties

Other Titles
Trimagnesium diitride, Mg3N2 pulver


Combination Formula

Molecular Weight

Powders in yellow and brown

Melting Point

Boiling Point

2.71 g/cm3

Solubility of H2O

Exact Mass

Magnesium Nitride Mg3N2 powder CAS 12057 71-5

Magnesium Nitride Pulver’s applications

1. It is used in the preparation of nitrides of elements with high hardness. Magnesium nitride was the catalyst that was used in the successful synthesizing of cubic boron trioxide.

2. Additives to high-strength steel melting. Magnesium trioxide (Mg3N2) replaces the desulfurized magnesia in the smelting process of construction steel. It is beneficial for increasing the steel’s strength, density, and tensile forces. The use of magnesium trioxide (Mg3N2) to desulfurize can also reduce the amount of other additives, which helps reduce the production costs of construction steel.

3. Preparation and use of special ceramic materials

4. Foaming agent to make special alloys

5. This is used in the production of special glasses.

6. Cross-linking catalytic polymer;

7. Recycling nuclear waste

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