What is Spherical Aluminum Oxide Al2O3 Powder?

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Introduction toSpherical Al Oxide Powder

Aluminum oxide



Al2O3 is a white powder that is insoluble and refractory. It has a melting point of 2015, a boiling point of 2980, a relative density of 4.0, and possesses 8.5 Mohs hardness. It comes in a variety of crystal types, with the most common being a- and g varieties. Aluminum oxide is made by heating aluminum hydroxide and dehydrating it. Aluminum oxide is found in nature. This aluminum oxide is known as corundum. A small amount of impurities can create corundum with different colors. Artificial gems can be used in industrial technology and are comparable to natural gems in terms their properties. Bearings can withstand temperatures as high as 1800 F, so they are often used in fast-moving parts like the dials of watches and clocks. Aluminum oxide is one main component of the earth’s crust. Aluminum oxide is the main raw material needed to make aluminum. Aluminum oxide is easily oxidized by oxygen to produce aluminum oxide. Aluminum products placed into the air can form a thin protective layer of dense aluminum oxide protecting the aluminum interior from oxidation. Aluminum oxide is an amphoteric ore, and can dissolve in both acid and bases. Aluminum products aren’t resistant to acid or alkali. Contact with acid or alkali will cause the outer oxide layer to be destroyed. Activated aluminiu oxide is porous and can adsorb many substances. This makes it a popular choice for catalysts, desiccants, and adsorbents.

Physical Properties of Spherical Al Oxide Powder

The particle size

aluminum oxide

Powder is uniformly distributed. It has excellent dispersion and high purity. It is a powder with a large specific area. It also has high-temperature resistance and inertia. It is Porous. It has high hardness and good dimensional stability. It is often used in the production of catalysts, catalyst carriers, and other green chemical substances. It can be used to strengthen and toughen many types of plastics. Excellent dispersion, insolvent waters; Solvent alcohol, propylalcool, propylenegl, isopropylalcool, ethylene glycol monobutylether, acetone and benzene.

The particle size of aluminum oxide powder can be changed to the

nanometer level

This material can not only retain the exceptional characteristics of regular aluminum oxide powder, but also exhibits the optical, electrical and magnetic properties, as well as the mechanical properties, that traditional materials don’t have. As a novel functional material, nano aluminum dioxide is widely used in many areas such as optics and special ceramics.

Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder
Other names aluminum oxide, aluminum (III) oxide, aluminum trioxide, Al2O3 powder
CAS No. 1344-28-1
Formula compound Al2O3
Molecular Weight 101.96
Appearance white powder
Melting Point 2072degC
Boiling Point 2977 degC
Density 3.95g/cm3
Solubility of H2O N/A
Exact Mass 101.948
Spherical Al2O3 Powder CAS1344-28-1

Spherical Aluminum Oxide Powder Applications

1. Aluminum oxide is the main ingredient in making aluminum. Aluminum oxide is used primarily to make aluminum.

2. Aluminum oxide is the primary raw material for the electrolytic method to metal aluminum. The purer aluminum smelting process, the better. Aluminum oxide is easier to purify than aluminum dioxide. Aluminum oxide is one main component of the earth’s crust. This includes aluminum clay H2Al(SiO4)*H2O) and aluminum clay (AlO3*2H2O). The best raw material for producing aluminum oxide is natural biauxite. The general content can be as high as 40% to 60%. The rest is mostly silicon dioxide, ironoxide, and other impurities. You can separate aluminum oxide from the other impurities by using their chemical properties. The main purification methods are the acid method and the alkali method. Activated aluminiu oxide g aluminum dioxide, a porous metal, can have a surface area of hundreds of meters. It has high activity and can adsorb water, vapor, and many other molecules. This material is often used as an agent, catalyst carrier and desiccant.

3. Artificial aluminum dioxide fiber is an aluminum oxide main component. It contains approximately 5% silicon dioxide to stabilize the crystal phases of aluminum oxide. It is widely used in iron and steel industries in heat treatment furnaces and petrochemical cracking oven insulation linings, nuclear reactors and spaceship insulation materials and light alloy reinforcement materials. Aluminum oxide fiber is a polycrystalline aluminum dioxide fiber. This fiber is made using either the colloid or impregnation methods of organic fiber (precursor mode of organic fiber). Its structure is in microcrystalline form which eliminates any possibility of recrystallization for fiber made using the meltblown method. This fiber exhibits great strength at both high and low temperatures, as well as high resistance to high-temperature and low temperature.

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Powder of spherical aluminium oxide

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