What is the Application Field of Zirconia

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What is zirconia, exactly?

Zirconium dioxide is the main zirconium oxide. Its chemical formula is ZrO2, and it is white with odorless and tasteless crystals. It is insoluble and insoluble in water and hydrochloric acid. It is chemically inactive. It has high melting points, high resistivity and low thermal extension coefficients. These properties make it an important high temperature material, ceramic insulating materials and ceramic sunscreen.

Zirconia’s main application areas

Raw materials and compounds of metal zirconium

It is used for the production of metal zirconium or zirconium compound, as well as making refractory and crucible bricks and crucibles. Mainly used to make piezoelectric ceramic products. This is used for the production of steel and other non-ferrous materials, optical glass, and zirconium dioxide fibres. Also used in ceramic pigments. It can be used in epoxy resins to increase corrosion resistance for heat-resistant salt water.


Zirconia fiber can be described as a polycrystalline refractory fibre material. ZrO2 has a higher service temp than other refractory fibres like mullite fiber and aluminum silicate fiber due to its high melting point, nonoxidation, and other excellent properties at high temperatures.

Zirconia can be used in an ultra-high-temperature oxidizing environment above 1500°C for up to two years. The maximum service temperature is at 2200°C. ZrO2’s resistance to acid and alkali corrosion is superior to that of SiO2O3 and Al2O3. It is insoluble when mixed with water. However, it is slightly soluble in hydrofluoric and sulfuric acids. It can be fused in alkali to create zirconate.

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