What is the Formula For Iron II Nitride?

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what is the formula for iron ii nitride?

Iron nitride is a solid crystalline material made from the inorganic chemical compound of iron and nitrogen. It is used in a variety of applications such as carbon nanofibers and ferrofluids, a liquid rocket fuel. It is also a limiting nutrient for bacteria.

Ionic Compounds

The ionic compounds in which the cation can have more than one possible charge are known as type II binary ionic compounds. These compounds have two naming systems: the Stock system and the common system.

FeCl2 and FeCl3

The cation in FeCl2 has a 2+ charge because there are two Cl-Cl- ions in the formula. The cation in FeCl3 has a 3+ charge because there are three Cl-Cl- ions in the equation.

If you want to give the ionic compound an accurate name, you must first determine what the charge is on the cation. The iron in ferrous oxide and ferric oxide lose 2 electrons in the oxidation reaction, so these two ions need to have the same number of atoms with an extra electron.

P3BFe(N) (P3B=tris(o-diisopropylphosphinophenyl)borane)

This nitride is a plausible intermediate of iron-mediated nitrogen fixation by the P3BFe catalyst system and has been generated and characterized in low temperature. EPR spectroscopy, supported by DFT calculations, has defined a 2A ground state electronic structure for this C3-symmetric nitride species. The spin is placed in a sigma orbital along the B-Fe-N vector; this electronic structure is distinct for an iron nitride.