Why does chromium carbide have hardness?

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What’s chromium caride?

Chrromium carbide (Cr3C2), gray powder with metallicluster; Orthorhombic; Density 6.68g/cm3. The melting point of 1890 is 1890. While the boiling point 3800. It is very resistant to corrosion, wear and oxidation. A cermet.

Applications of chromium carbonide

Chromium carbide is a strong, chemically stable, hardness at ambient temperature, high thermal hardness, excellent resistance to acid or alkali corrosion, wear resistance and good wettability when paired with metals such. Metal carbide has a high oxidation resistant and an extremely high oxidation temp. Cemented carbide grain growth can be easily controlled by using chromium as an inhibiter. Chromium carbide has many other uses. It is an additive for explosive bonding materials with high wear resistance. This can be used to spray powder. Spraying powder, for example, is highly resistant to corrosion, oxidation, wear, and high temperatures. Due to its outstanding characteristics, chromium carbonide is widely used in the metalurgical and electronic industries as well as aerospace and high-temperature resist coatings.
One of the most popular metal carbides is chrome carbide. This has high hardness. high melting point. high elastic modulus. Chemical corrosion resistance. As a top coating, chromium carbide powder is used in cutting tools. Chromium carbide, which is an important precipitation phase for Fe-Cr/C alloy, gives it excellent wear resistance. The critical phase of wear resistance is Chromium, but hardness has still to be determined as an important mechanical parameter for the development and design wear-resistant materials.

The chemical properties of chromium caride

CnC has a hardness of 17.10 and a density 6.68g. The thermal conductivity is 19.1W.m+.K-1 and the thermal expansion coefficient at 10.3x 10K (200-100). Carbide has the following main features: high room temperatures, good thermal hardness and good wettability in combination with metals, such as CoNi. It’s used in the manufacture of metal mold compounds.


How is chromium-carbid made?

The combination of aluminothermic and vacuum furnacing is required to make chromium carbide at temperatures up to 1500degC. After preparing the mixture of chromium metallic, chromium dioxide and carbon, it is loaded into a furnace. Temperature is increased to 1500°C by reducing the furnace’s pressure. After the carbon reacts to the chromium dioxide, it forms carbon monoxide and chromium metal. These are then drawn out into the vacuum pumps. This is then combined with remaining carbon to create the chromium carbid.

Prices for chromium caride

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