Why titanium carbide powder is a good melting and wear-resistant material?

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What’s titanium carbide powder?
The melting point

Titon carbide

It is 3140 + 90, its boiling point 4820, and it has a relative density of 4.93. Hardness exceeds 9. It is not soluble but can be dissolved in water and nitric acid. It reacts with pure O2 at 1150 and is therefore stable below 800. It can be used in the manufacture of hard alloys as well as being an electrode for arc lamps.

Titanium carbide powder can be used

One, nano titanium carbonide can be used as an aerospace component. With a melting points of over 3000 and good compatibility and thermal expansion coefficients, it has good heat resistance, good temperature strength and is very low in density. Two, nano titanium carbide foam ceramic can remove inorganic particles in liquids and act as a filter. A filter for the metalurgical industry, particularly, requires high chemical stability. The majority of these materials are made from oxides. Its main purpose is to enhance the resistance to thermal shock in order to allow for the filtration and melting of metal. The second benefit is that nano-titanium carbide foam ceramics offer greater strength, hardness heat conduction and conductivity than standard oxide foam ceramics. Abrasive material Titanium carbide abrasive can be used to replace traditional abrasive materials, such as silicon carbide and aluminium oxide. Its grinding performance is similar to that of synthetic diamonds. It is widely used across the globe, including in Russia, Japan and the United States. Grinding pastes, abrasives, and wheels made with nano-titanium carbide can significantly improve grinding efficiency, surface finish, and accuracy.

Is there a good brand of titanium carbide?

This product is very pure, has small particle sizes, uniform distribution, high specific surface area and high oxidation resistance. It’s a strong melting and abrasion-resistant product. This material is very conductive and can be used for electrodes, electric contacts and molten-salt electrolysis. It has the ability to increase ceramic’s sintering efficiency.

Titanium carbide powder price

Price of titanium carbide dust will depend on its purity and particle size. The purchase volume may also have an effect on price. Large quantities of smaller amounts will result in a lower price. Our company website has the price information for titanium carbide powder.

Powder supplier of Titanium carbide

The Advanc3dmaterials Advanced Material Nano Technology Co. Ltd.

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